What to Write About on Your Blog

Jan 3, 2012

You’ve decided to start a blog to promote your shop, connect with customers and drive more traffic to your website. What are you going to write about? Finding the actual topics to cover can be the most-difficult aspect of running a blog, according to Lisa Barone, cofounder and chief branding officer at SEO consulting firm Outspoken Media Inc., who offered several suggestions on where you can get blog post ideas in a recent Small Business Trends article.

Overhear Your Customers’ Conversations.

“For small business owners who find themselves face-to-face with their customers every day, congratulations! You have the opportunity to eavesdrop on your customers and hear first-hand their daily struggles, what they wish they knew, and what gets them really excited,” Barone wrote. “And when you do overhear these conversations, you can address them both in your business and on your blog. Because if there’s one person who’s vocal about his fear of installing your product, you can bet there are more who aren’t being vocal. So why not write a tutorial series walking people through the process? Or create a video that shows people how to do it?”

Post a Question on Facebook and Blog the Results.

“Many of us feel we have nothing to blog about because we don’t have anything to say on a particular day,” Barone wrote. “The well just seems dry. And that’s fine, but maybe you have a question, or a theory you want to ask people their thoughts on. Why not post that question on Facebook and then blog about the results? There’s nothing wrong with crowdsourcing content, especially if it’s good content.”

Interview Someone.

“Interview series are a great way to build content for your blog because it takes the focus off your company and introduces your audience to someone you think they should know,” Barone wrote. “It could be an e-mail interview, a video interview, a podcast, whatever. Sit down with someone from your industry and ask them about their take on things, what they’re passionate about, where they see the industry moving. Then share that conversation with your audience.”

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