VIDEO: Clearing Fiber with Mike Ring—Part 2

The above video is the second part of Mike Ring’s series on clearing carbon fiber.

Ring demonstrates the steps for clearing a piece of carbon fiber including prepping the piece, sanding and the first stage of clearing.

Ringbrothers in August introduced the Ringbrothers University How-To video series.

In the first video released by Ringbrothers, Ring showed how to strip to bare metal, smooth out dents, wipe the metal clean with metal prep solution, and grind metal smooth before heading to the booth for epoxy, glaze, and primer.

Chapter two, part one featured exoxy, filler and blocking, while part two included information about how to mix glaze, block glaze with sandpaper, apply guide coat, and how to apply primer.

Chapter three includes the final steps of preparation before heading to the paint booth, including blocking primer.

Chapter four demonstrated sealer and paint, while chapter four covered wet sanding techniques before Ring summarized the final steps of the body work.

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