Very Rare Delorean ‘XP-833’ Concept Car for Sale on eBay

Sep 14, 2010

The “XP-833” concept car that was designed and built by automotive innovator John Z. Delorean is now up for auction on eBay.

The extremely rare 1964 Pontiac Banshee Firebird coupe is the original prototype built by Delorean and still has its original interior, paint and drivetrain intact.  Only two prototypes, a roadster and this coupe, exist.

The car was originally commissioned by GM to compete with Ford’s Mustang. However, Delorean instead secretly created a two-seat Corvette alternative. He gave the project the secret name “XP-833.”

Executives at GM eventually stopped the project because they became worried that the Banshee might be too much of a threat to the Corvette.

The two Banshee prototypes avoided destruction by being hidden in shipping crates after the project was canceled by GM, according to the auction website.

Eventually, the cars were sold by GM to employees that were closely involved in the XP-833 project.

Bill Killen received this prototype coupe directly from GM and the Killen family has owned the car until it changed hands a few years ago, the auction website states.

The car has less than 1,500 original miles on it with most of the miles coming from the early developmental days while at Pontiac.

Highlights of this rare car include a unique solid-body construction of exterior fiberglass, a steel underbody, a special hinged roof/top that flips up for easy access, and a silver exterior paired with a red interior.

The auction will end on Sept. 19. To view the auction on eBay Motors, click here.