Using Social-Media-Savvy Employees to Promote Your Business

Jun 7, 2011

Aside from yourself, who knows your business better than your employees? In a recent Inc. article, Eric Markowitz talked with business owners and experts about using the knowledge and passion your employees have for your business as a marketing tool.

“Brand ambassadors, or employee evangelists, are becoming an increasingly common way for brands to leverage their biggest asset-their workforce, of course-to reach new markets, generate buzz, and put a real face on the company,” Markowitz wrote. “They can be tweeters, bloggers, Facebookers-or they could just be the people you send to corporate events. More than your firm’s logo or an actor in your company’s commercial, your customers will come to know your ambassadors as true representatives for your business’s mission.”

Markowitz explained why your employees are in the best position to promote your business, especially in social media.

“In today’s social-media landscape, face it: Your employees have a voice,” he wrote. “Twenty years ago, your employees may have been kept at a distance from your customers. Social media, however, gives your employees the ability-and sometimes the credibility-to be the voice of your brand.”

So how can you find the best employee for the job?

“There is no standardized method for finding the right people within your organization to become brand ambassadors or social media contributors,” Markowitz wrote. “The point is that the people representing your brand have the passion-and personality-that enhances your brand’s image.”

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