Treat Your Customers the Way You’d Want Your Mother Treated

Apr 13, 2012

A good customer service philosophy to have at your shop is to treat your customers the way you’d want your mother treated, according to Allen Laudenslager and Bryan Neva Sr., who covered the topic in a recent article for Thought Leaders LLC.

This philosophy, the two contend in their article, can lead your company to make more ethical decisions.

“If the only reason not to do it just like you would for your mother is the cost to the company, where do you think the savings to the company is coming from?” the writers asked. “It’s coming from your customer’s wallet. And if it’s not fair to your mother, what makes it fair to your customer?”

The writers offered the following four suggestions for best dealing with customer complaints:

  • If a customer’s product or service failed the answer is simple and obvious; either fix it, replace it, or give them their money back. If the customer broke it, then don’t!
  • Make sure your corporate policies, organizational politics, management personalities, and cost focus don’t interfere with the obvious solutions to most customer problems.
  • Generally speaking, if you have to ask yourself if what you are planning to do is the right thing, then it probably isn’t!
  • When deciding a course of action, the best question you can ask yourself is, “Would I do it this way if I were doing this for my mother?”

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