Tire sidewall printer system makes full-color graphics

Dec 28, 2012

Tokyo, Japan-based LAC Corp. is producing a specialized inkjet printer that can print full-color images on tire sidewalls.

Founded in 1983, LAC Corp. is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of electronic and data processing equipment, but recently entered digital printing market.

Based on inkjet technology using WCMYK media with primer coating, the LAC Tire Printer can produce images and letters on any tire sidewall surface that last up to one year.

Retailers can buy the LAC Tire Printing System, which consists of a mechanism, printing software, controller, PC, Photoshop, air compressor and electric heater. It takes an average of 6-7 minutes to print graphics on a tire with paint and primers sold at LAC, and printing costs between $0.50 and $1, according to the company. Training is required.

Watch the LAC Tire Printer video to see the device in action.