Tips for Saving Time on Twitter

Sep 6, 2012

Balancing your responsibilities running and promoting your business is tricky. Thankfully, there are numerous shortcuts available to help you.

Jeanne Rossomme shared some of the ways she saves time with Twitter in a recent article for the SCORE Small Business Success Blog.

“I confess that (perhaps like you) I put on a brave smile on social media while underneath feeling frazzled,” she wrote. “Every day I seem to get more communication streams flowing into my business-more e-mails, more instant messages, more newsletters, more Facebook posts, more LinkedIn status updates and more tweets. It feels overwhelming to sift through this volume of information.”

Rossomme shared the steps she follows to make the most of her Twitter time:

1. Set up a weekly system. “Each Monday morning after posting my blog post, I immediately develop five to 10 tweets or little teasers to link followers back to my article,” she wrote. “I then schedule these posts every day at popular hours using a social media scheduling system like Hootsuite.”

2. Follow my two rules for tweet writing. “Be interesting and fun,” Rossomme wrote. “And don’t say it all in 140 characters. You want followers to click through for more.”

3. Classify your followers. “All followers are not equal (at least in terms of value to your business),” wrote Rossomme, who classifies her followers into the categories of influencers, prospects, clients, partners and others.

4. Quick but regular daily reviews. “I scan this list a few times a day spending limiting myself to five to 15 minutes,” she wrote. “I…deliver the latest tweets from these lists directly to my inbox at 9 a.m., noon and 3 p.m. so I can quickly scan and respond.”

5. Alerts for direct messages. “I set up alerts so any retweet or mention gets texted to my phone,” Rossomme wrote. “That way I can thank and respond immediately.”

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