Three Ways to Make Your Business Stand out on Facebook

May 4, 2011

Rick Gardinier, chief digital officer at the Brunner marketing agency, recently wrote how brands are losing their identities on social media sites like Facebook in an article for Business Insider.

“I can tell you that my own agency built social media strategies into nearly every communications plan we developed for our clients in 2010,” Gardinier wrote. “Yet, despite all of the momentum in the space, one thing has been gnawing at me-regardless of the platform, brands are all starting to look the same.”

Gardinier offered small businesses three tips to differentiate themselves on social media platforms-find your own voice, don’t be afraid to try something new for your category and find ways to use social media to provide value to your target audience.

“As self-service social platforms become more ubiquitous, marketers need to ask themselves what they can do to make consumers want to connect with their brands-if they don’t, they’ll likely end up looking, and sounding, exactly like their competitors,” Gardinier wrote.

To read the complete Business Insider article, click here.