Thrashing and Trashing Jeeps: Exploring Road Armor’s Easter Jeep Safari Pastime

Apr 17, 2015

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Every obstacle and wayward rock that banged against Road Armor’s Jeep Wranglers at the recent Easter Jeep Safari event in Moab, Utah, was happily welcomed by the company’s crew driving the desert trails.

“We’ve always used Moab as a proving ground for our new products,” said Andon Sawyer, Road Armor’s creative director. “Whatever we can do to see how they perform, we’ll do it.”

Whatever they could do indeed—including articulating Starwood Motor’s “FMJ” Jeep on top of another Jeep just to test Road Armor’s new Jeep JK (2007+) bumper and raw steel front fenders (photo evidence below).

“We said, ‘let’s drive the Hemi Jeep onto the fenders to try to bend them,’” Sawyer said. “The fender didn’t even move. The Jeep suspension just squatted all the way down. We were pretty impressed.”

Road Armor is back in the Jeep market after a five-year absence that was spurred by the recession and a saturated marketplace. The March 28-April 5 Easter Jeep Safari event was ideal for product awareness and testing.

“Our Jeep products have returned thanks to popular demand from customers and Jeep enthusiasts through our social media channels, website and in-person at events around the country,” Sawyer said. “They’ve proven willing to pay for top-quality materials, workmanship and superior installation processes.”

Road Armor’s new line of 2007+ Jeep Wrangler JK accessories include:

BUMPERS (top winch mount)


The company had an unplanned opportunity to test a new accessory at the Jeep Safari when one of its Jeeps blew an engine on the trail.

“We had to tow and push it through No. 7 obstacles—while it smashed against the new tire carrier—just to get it out of there. The front stinger was pushing on the carrier but it surprisingly caused no body damage. We thought it may break or bend, and not be the same after such abuse, but it just moved the frame bracket a bit. We just adjusted the bumper and cranked the bolts back down.”

Cold, windy and dusty conditions did not deter Road Armor from also participating in the trade show event that kicked off this year’s Easter Jeep Safari on March 27-28. The company, which had a 20-by-40-foot outdoor booth, donated more than $2,200 worth of accessories for the event raffle.

“We got great feedback from potential customers and made contact with several shops that build Jeeps exclusively,” Sawyer said. “One shop was interested in our body protection products. They buy jeeps with minor body damage and build them up. They were impressed with the fit and finish of our skins and fenders, as well as our minimal approach to nutsert rivet use.”