The effect of Japan’s disaster on automotive aftermarket

Mar 22, 2011

The earthquake and ensuing tsunami, as well as the radiation leak threats in Japan have been, to say the least, devastating to the people of Japan and to its economy. And because so much of the world’s commerce and economy is tied to the world’s third largest economy the ripple effects will continue for many months if not longer.

With regard to auto production, not only Japanese automakers are affected, but U.S. carmakers, as well, are affected by the halt of parts made there.

“If there are shortages on not just vehicles but also parts, then we could see short supplies on a variety of cars, not just Japanese make,” said Bill Visnic of Edmunds Auto Observer. “That’s because almost all automakers rely on parts made in Japan.”

Visnic said tight supplies could lead to higher prices this summer.

As such, do you think your own restyling operations will be affected in the months ahead? If so, how?