Texas DMV Introduces Simplified Vehicle Registration Fee Structure

Aug 31, 2011

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has introduced a simplified registration fee structure that will begin on Sept. 1.

Under the new program, the fee for classic license plates has been eliminated. Currently, Texas has 1,745 fee categories for registration. That number is being reduced to nine weight classifications. The simplified structure makes it easier for Texans to know what they owe, and reduces administrative costs for the state, counties and private businesses, according to a Texas DMV press release.

Car and truck owners whose vehicles weigh 6,000 pounds or less will pay a base vehicle registration fee of $50.75. This is a slight reduction-about $8-from the previous registration fee for new vehicle owners, and a small increase-around $10-for those with older vehicles, according to the Texas DMV.

Some Texans also will pay a new $1 automation fee. This fee was assessed in Texas’ largest 60 counties, but now applies statewide. The automation fee is used for improvements to the registration and titling computer system.

Vehicle owners will continue to pay the $1 Department of Public Safety fee for TexasSure, the electronic insurance verification program, and any local county fees.

Fees being eliminated include the annual 30-cent reflectorization fee (used to purchase the reflective license plate sheeting) that was on every registration renewal, and the $5 charge for license plate transfers.

Texans who transfer their plates when they sell or trade in their vehicle to the new one they buy are protected from anyone running up toll charges or committing criminal activity that traces back to their name.

Fees also change for trailer owners. The 75 different trailer categories, which include travel trailers, are reduced to one annual fee. It will cost $45 to register any trailer or travel trailer up to 6,000 pounds.

This fee simplification structure was passed by the state legislature two years ago. It represents the first change in Texas’ base vehicle registration fee since 1985, according to the Texas DMV.

For more information about the fee changes, visit www.txdmv.gov.