Telling Your Story to Connect With Customers

Mar 22, 2011

MP Mueller, founder of Door Number 3,  a boutique advertising agency in Austin, Texas, shared how businesses can benefit from sharing their story with customers in a recent article for the New York Times‘ You’re the Boss blog.

“Americans live on a steady diet of stories-including those presented on reality TV shows, talk shows and in countless magazines,” Mueller wrote. “We regularly circle round that flat screen, high-definition campfire with the zeal of kids hoping to char the last marshmallow.”

“When a company highlights its story, it soon realizes its power. If consumers like a company’s story, they are often willing to give its product or service a try,” Mueller added. “If they also like the product or service, they will move easily from brand consumer to brand champion.”

Mueller offered advice on how small businesses can best find their story, including discussing what inspired you to start the business and talking about any nonprofit organizations or causes your business supports.

Mueller also offered suggestions on how small businesses can get their story out, including telling your story in a conversational style, and making sure to use your story on all of your social media sites, at the bottom of press releases, and in all internal and external marketing material.

“And if it turns out your story just isn’t that interesting, share anecdotes about your employees and customers and their experiences with your brand,” Mueller wrote. “We’re sitting around the fire. We’re ready for s’more.”

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