Taking Advantage of New Twitter Features to Promote Your Shop

Sep 20, 2012

Twitter recently announced several design changes it’s made to help users further customize their accounts.

These updates can be particularly useful for the small businesses who use Twitter to connect with customers and promote their brands, according to Scott Levy, who wrote about the Twitter updates on Entrepreneur.com.

“New design features for profile pages allow users to upload a header image that will be visible on Twitter and, for the first time, on iPad, iPhone and Android devices,” Levy wrote. “Additionally, the new design gives users more control over their background images, which can now be visible on both the left and right side. This can give marketers even more real estate for branding on Twitter.”

Levy listed these other three design changes that small businesses can use to better market themselves on Twitter.

The opportunity to overlay a 160-word bio. “Your bio literally floats over your profile photo image, so make sure to tie the two together,” he wrote. “Because the image will draw attention, your brand’s bio will be an even more important message.”

“Pin” your favorite tweets to the top of your profile. “This is a way for you to highlight content that’s important to you or your brand and get it in front of your followers,” Levy wrote.

Photos stream below recent tweets on mobile devices. “Users can see a stream of photos below recent tweets on iPhone, iPad, and Android,” he wrote. “This makes the way people consume content on Twitter more visual, which in turn can motivate actions and interactions.”

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