Study Finds That Yellow Page Ads Are Still Effective

Jul 18, 2011

With the Internet more and more becoming the go-to information resource, it’s easy for small business owners to focus their local marketing efforts online and cancel their Yellow Pages ads. New research reported by BusinessNewsDaily could have you investing in Yellow Pages ads once again.

“The print and online Yellow Pages are still the most trusted information source for consumers shopping locally, even though use of the print pages has declined, new research shows,” the site reported. “But print still has power; print Yellow Pages and white pages still outrank search engines in terms of trust, accuracy and ease of use.”

The Local Search Association study found that consumers use Yellow Pages and search engines most to find local businesses.

“While the usage of print Yellow Pages has declined as local media information has become available in more places, U.S. consumers still look up information in a print directory billions of times per year,” BusinessNewsDaily reported. “In 2010, consumers generated 11 billion references to print Yellow pages. The digital marketing research firm comScore found that Internet Yellow Pages generated 5.6 billion searches in 2010.”

Nearly 80 percent of those Yellow Pages searches resulted in a purchase or purchase intent, BusinessNewsDaily reported.

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