Spiffs & Shine: Will restylers benefit from new-car incentives?

Aug 12, 2011

Football pre-season is back, so lots of folks are going to get their spirits up and at ’em for the new season.

Funny, how NFL’s season coincides with the release of the new-vehicle season.

So, does that mean the fall car- and truck-selling season is ready to begin, and people will be more up for buying?

As used-vehicle prices rose largely due to the lack of available new vehicles (largely due to the Japan disasters in March), and those prices crept closer to new-car prices, making the sales playing field more even, is that about to change dramatically because Toyota, Honda and Subaru are getting ready to hit full production again?

Even more, as the Japanese carmakers, which lost market share because of the Japan disasters, get ready to take back what they lost since March, the spiffs — or incentives — should roll out like never before.

Do you think new-vehicle sales will happen this fall? And will you see the benefit trickle down to your business?