Social Media Use by Demographic

May 21, 2013

Social media websites have proven effective in enhancing small business exposure, but being aware of social media use by demographic can help content providers target their markets even better.

According to a report from a national survey conducted Nov. 14-Dec. 9, 2012 with 1,802 Internet users compiled by Pew Research Center, Facebook is the most-used social network.  The survey found that 67 percent of the survey participants use Facebook, 20 percent use LinkedIn, 16 percent use Twitter, 15 percent use Pinterest and 13 percent use Instagram.

According to the survey, 71 percent of American adult women use social media compared to 62 percent of American adult men. Hispanics represent the top racial demographic at 72 percent, followed by African-Americans at 72 percent and white Americans at 65 percent, according to the report titled “The Demographics of Social Media Users.”

The report revealed that Facebook is especially appealing to adults age 18-29, while Twitter is most appealing to African-Americans, urban residents and adults age 18-29. Pinterest is especially appealing to women, adults under 50, whites and those with some college education. Instagram is most appealing to adults age 18-29, African-Americans, Latinos, women and urban residents.

“The key lesson here is that each social network is different,” said Nate Long, a blogger and marketing consultant. “Not only different in how the channel is used and what kind of content is shared, but also in the very people who use the social networks. However, when crafting your social media marketing strategy, remember that this type of data is not enough. Be sure to get your own data about your own Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, etc.”