Small Business Blogging: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Apr 11, 2011

Inc. contributor Lou Dubois spoke with a number of small business owners and experts to learn what common mistakes small business owners are making when they blog, and got advice on how to avoid those pitfalls.

“Blogging for your business is important, but doing it wrong can cost you customers and your reputation,” Dubois wrote. “As more and more small businesses enter the world of content development, the scrutiny continues to increase. Consumers can be retained or lost simply from your blogging efforts, so it’s imperative this public-facing activity is done correctly.”

In order to blog correctly, Dubois created this list of seven mistakes small businesses make with their blogs and suggested ways to avoid those mistakes:

1. Bad Writing: Whether grammatical, punctuation, usage or even spelling errors, there’s a good chance that if the blog isn’t written well, your customers won’t come back.

2. Presenting Instead of Conversing: Rather than thinking about a blog post as a dissertation, think about it more as an opinion on a hot topic.

3. Being Too Promotional: Establishing a blog that provides regularly interesting, useful and informational (not promotional) content will make customers more likely to make purchasing decisions.

4. It’s About the People, Not the Words: In most cases, companies are starting blogs as a means to connect further with their customers and in the end sell more products. But the message is unsuccessful if the person on the other end, in this case the reader, can’t understand or can’t relate to what you are saying.

5. Lack of Direction/Strategy: While variety is great in a blog because it keeps it from becoming boring, you need to be clear about what users can expect when they visit it.

6. Not Utilizing Your Experience: What makes your perspective unique and different from the millions of other blogs that are out there? Why should readers trust your voice?

7. Not Taking Advantage of Technology: It’s important to master the basics to make your blog look good and read well. And more importantly, use an analytics to track what posts perform well, how users are finding you and more.

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