Should SEMA Show’s Restyling section move in with the Light Trucks section?

Nov 14, 2011

Face-to-face interaction at trade shows helps encourage the thought process and create ideas that can be groundbreaking and innovative.

During the PRO (Professional Restylers Organization) Council membership meeting Nov. 3 at the SEMA Show, the idea was suggested that SEMA combine the Restyling section with the Trucks section in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Upper South Hall.

Two of the most prominent reasons stated during the discussion were the contraction of the Restyling section in the North Hall and the fact that exhibitors and buyers would benefit greatly from the fact that both markets are looking at many of the same players.

I agree that by making the Upper South Hall stronger and more cohesive in products that benefit and support Trucks, LTAA (Light Truck Accessory Alliance) and Restyling, our industry will grow and prosper at SEMA.

Of course there are many logistics to work out: Will the two sections be separate in the South Hall location? What exhibitors will move from Upper South Hall? What new anchor can come into North Hall? But ,as I stated in PRO’s meeting, SEMA has the capability to decide those questions.

The possibility that our industry can be a robust and expanding entity at the SEMA Show is enough of a reason to explore this creative possibility. I do not take credit for this idea, but I support the chance to explore it!