Shop Stories: How To Fix A Lawyer’s Keyed Porsche

May 13, 2015

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When the high-profile attorney brought his cherished Porsche 991 into First Class Autosports in South Miami, the cause of his distressed look was plain to see: Someone had taken a key to both sides of his pearl white darling sports car, marring it drastically, and making it virtually non-presentable for the impeccably stylish lawyer to drive in public.

Initially, he was looking for an estimate on a new paint job, one that would have cost him a pretty penny to restore the Porsche back to its original look. But Hugo Warnant, owner of the classic car body and paint boutique, had a better idea: Let’s wrap it.

He suggested using one of 3M’s newest and most strikingly beautiful colors-a 3M Film Series 1080 Satin Mystique Blue with Black Carbon Fiber accents-to provide a highly durable, yet removable, long-term solution. Wrapping is a cheaper alternative to custom paint and can be removed, if desired, to return the car to its original colors within a couple of hours without any deterioration to the original paint.

“You can now change the color of your car every year based on your budget and taste, if you wish,” Warnant told his client, who has a reputation for his stylish suits and colorful ties.

The key to a perfect wrap project, he said, is to treat the vehicle like it’s a patient in a surgical ward. Cleanliness is critical to making sure that every part of the vehicle’s surface is prepared to receive and adhere to the film.

“We spend a lot of time cleaning the vehicle,” explained Warnant, who in just four years of business has built a solid reputation as a high-quality provider of vehicle wraps, bras and detailing on some of Miami’s most exotic sport cars. “The vinyl will not stick to contaminated paint so we have to remove every piece that will touch the vinyl to remove all the grime, dirt and dust. Cleaning takes so much of the time and it can add up. But if you don’t do it, the wrap is not going to last.”

Removing, cleaning and replacing the parts in some very expensive vehicles-such as the half-million-dollar Rolls Royce Phantom that his shop recently completed-can be a daunting task, Warnant said. So it’s imperative to have the proper training and licensing to ensure that the job is done correctly.

“We are licensed as a motor vehicle and repair shop,” he explained. “You have to have insurance and all the proof because we are removing and replacing parts. That’s the only way to do a proper vehicle wrap. You can’t remove parts without it.”

Even with all that attention to precision and detail, the Porsche 991 was back on the road in just five business days. The only difference is that now it’s wrapped in a very special blue color that morphs into near purple at different angles of the sun. It’s a one-of-a-kind look and style that can’t be seen anywhere else in Miami.

Stylish and unique-a true reflection of the man behind the wheel.