SEMA Action Network Seeks Support for Michigan Racing Bill

Dec 1, 2010

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is seeking support for Legislation (H.B. 6377), which would allow any municipality to issue a permit for a sanctioned motor vehicle racing event on highways, streets or airport runways within its geographical jurisdiction.

The new legislation was recently introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives. Current Michigan law only allows cities to issue these permits, but this bill would allow counties, cities, villages or townships to issue similar permits.

The new bill would promote legal racing in Michigan and boost the state’s tourism sector and help rural communities, according to SAN.

In addition, it acknowledges that rural paved highways and roads are the best places for legal open road racing and would make it easier for event organizers to secure one permit at the county level, rather than securing permits from each government entity – federal, state or local – with jurisdiction along the race route.

H.B. 6377 would provide that airports could be used for shootouts and that local governments would have the authority to close airport runways for this purpose.

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