Sam Memmolo & Dave Bowman Starring in New ‘Motorhead Garage’ TV Show

Jul 27, 2010

Masters Entertainment Group has announced that its newest television series, “Motorhead Garage” debuted last night. The show, which will run on the Fox Sports Network (FSN) for the next 12 consecutive weeks, will star Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman, who previously starred on shows such as “Shadetree Mechanic” and “Two Guys Garage.”

“We are extremely pleased to reunite this dynamic duo,” said Butch McCall, executive vice president of Masters Entertainment. “Sam and Dave were the pioneers and originators of the ‘Automotive How-to’ programs. They developed the concept of step-by-step product installations [that are] designed to help the automotive enthusiasts utilize the latest in aftermarket products.”

The series will feature step-by-step instructions as each product installation is completed. The series will also be archived on Masters Entertainment Group’s Internet Television Network at According to McCall, viewers who miss an episode on television will be able to log onto the site for free viewing and downloads.

“I am really looking forward to once again share the garage and tool box with my pal Sam, and to bring to our audience the latest in technical information, products and procedures from all the manufacturers,” said Bowman.

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