Rydeen Redesigns Wireless Connectivity for Rear-View Cameras

Jan 16, 2014

Torrance, Calif.-based Rydeen Mobile Electronics recently released a wireless video connectivity solution for rear-view camera systems.

The connection, DG240, saves installation and troubleshooting time by enabling technicians to add rear-view cameras and monitors to delivery vans, trailers and RVs without running wires from back to front, according to Rydeen.

Wireless video connectivity in vehicles is not a new technology, but it fell out of favor due to spotty and unreliable operation in previous industry products, according to the company. Rydeen fine-tuned the frequency characteristics and range of the DG240 to produce a system that nets up to 250 feet of crystal clear video transmission.

“As with our highly successful four- and six-sensor parking systems, we’ve invested more than a year perfecting a technology that many retailers and consumers dismissed as unreliable,” said Phil Maeda, Rydeen president. “The DG240 represents a real solution for commercial and RVs, and we’re proud to bring it to our dealers and distributors.”

The DG240 consists of a wireless transmitter that connects to a rear-view camera and receives power from the reverse light circuit. It features a proprietary connector to plug directly into Rydeen’s line of cameras, including the MINy and MINy LED2. However, an included adapter allows the DG240 to connect to any rear-view camera with a composite (RCA-type) output, according to Rydeen.

A matching receiver uses a composite output to connect to a front monitor, or a third-party interface enables viewing of the camera signal on a factory installed display. Both components are designed to be installed inside the passenger or enclosed storage areas of the vehicle. The transmitter and receiver are matched from the factory and feature frequency-hopping technology to eliminate the possibility of interference and signal crossing with other nearby systems.

If necessary, a new receiver can be paired with the transmitter, removing the original from the pairing, according to the company.

The DG240 is suited for longer vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and Dodge Sprinter vans, or any application in which the task of running long cables is prohibitive. The wireless connection also eliminates the possibility of connections being damaged due to the heavy use of commercial vehicle.

Rydeen plans to ship the DG240 in February to authorized retailers and distributors.

For more information, call Rydeen at 877-777-8811 or email sales@rydeenmobile.com.