Rod Shop Spotlight: Wisconsin Shop Hosts First ‘Tech Talk’ Sessions

Dec 4, 2010

Gunner’s Great Garage  in Manawa, Wisconsin, held the first of a series of “Tech Talks” it’s planning to host this winter.

Over 20 car enthusiasts attended the seminar, which included a discussion led by Shane Hanke, owner of Shane’s Classic Sports Cars, where he talked about reviving a car that had sat in a barn for years.

Hanke recently resuscitated a 1972 MGB GT that had been stored in a barn in Iola, Wisconsin. The car seemed to have a “frozen” engine from sitting too long, but Hanke got it going again without the expense of a total restoration.

The event also included a question-and-answer session with Hanke, as well as free refreshments.

The shop plans to host its second “Tech Talk” session in mid-January. It will feature automotive electrical engineer Matt Planning from the company Redi-Rad. Planning will discuss his company’s Redi-Rad device, which allows iPods and MP3s to be played through regular car radios.

For more information on the next “Tech Talk” session, call (715) 281-5925.