The Right Way–and Wrong Way– to Interview Someone for a Job

Jul 25, 2011

Job interviews offer business owners the opportunity to learn if an applicant has the right skills, background, training, personality and work ethic to fit in at their shop.

Choosing the questions to discover this information can be a bit tricky. Certain questions are always OK to ask, while others could be inappropriate or, possibly, illegal to ask. It’s important to correctly word each of the questions you pose to potential employees. So which questions are OK to pose to job applicants?

Small business expert Rieva Lesonsky shared this list of interview question dos and don’ts in a recent article for Bizy Deal.

  • Do ask: “Are you of legal age to serve alcohol?”  instead of  “How old are you?”
  • Do ask: “Are you authorized to work in the United States?”  instead of  “Are you a legal U.S. Citizen?”
  • Do ask: “Will working overtime or traveling be a problem?” instead of  “Are you married? Any kids?”
  • Do ask: “Are you able to perform the duties required by the job?” instead of  “Do you have any mental or physical disabilities?”
  • Do ask: “Are you able to work all required days and hours of the job?”  instead of  “Are there any religious holidays or hours that would limit you from performing your required hours?”
  • Don’t ask: Anything to do with race at all.

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