Reader Rides: Summer 2011

Jul 26, 2011

A look at some of the hot rides submitted by readers:

Adam Mark of A-1 Higher Graphics, Lakewood Calif., proudly presents his 1958 Ford F-100. The super-cool pickup is suede black with a straight-6 and 3-on the-tree. user name donlee6 says he’s a “68-year-old mechanic with some extra time on my hands” who is crafting a custom Corvette pickup. He explains:

“I bought a 1937 Ford fiberglass pickup from Wildrod about five years ago, and thought it would be nice to build something different. I did away with the front-end parts and hand-made the front fenders, side panels and hood.

“I used a 2003 Corvette front bumper and headlamps, remade the running boards, doors, rear fenders, cut out the rear body panel and made a tailgate, installed Corvette tail lamps, license light and backup lamps.

“I used an ’03 Corvette LS1 drive train with transaxle and rear Corvette suspension. I custom-made the dash and fiberglassed the upper interior so it could be painted. It has a push-button gearshift, A/C, cruise control, front and rear cameras and lots more.

“I call it ‘Evolution 1.”

And Mike Abney, national sales manager for Nitrous Express, Wichita Falls, Texas, invites everyone to check out the company’s unique Duramax Dragster.

Here are some photos, and more information can be found at