Racing Pioneers to Receive Morrow Award Tomorrow At Riverside Legends Event

Mar 26, 2010

Three 500cc racing pioneers, Tom Meehan, Ralph Ormsbee and George Keck, will all have their names inscribed on the Harry Morrow Trophy at the second annual edition of the Legends of Riverside II event, set to take place starting today through Sunday at the  Riverside International Automotive Museum in Riverside, California.

“Those three guys were the early pioneers of the 500s,” said Tom Cecil, the director of the 500cc Club of America. “They were wonderfully eclectic, racing for the pure fun of it, while tweaking the noses of the so-called ‘elite motorsports men.'”

Named for 500cc stalwart Harry Morrow, and first presented at the 33rd Monterey Historics in 2006, the Morrow Award is presented annually at prestige events throughout the country.

All three of these West Coast drivers went on from their early days barnstorming up and down the Pacific Coast in 500cc cars, working their way up the grid to bigger and faster machinery with Ormsbee taking part in the seminal 1958 Times Grand Prix at Riverside.

Meehan, Ormsbee and Keck will join John Streets, Bob Wenz, Bob Schilling, Bruce Kessler, Peter Becker, Ken Nichols, and Tom “Rigger” Cecil as Morrow awardees.

The annual Legends of Riverside event is a limited-attendance event (only 250 are available for the full three-day presentation). The small number of tickets sold assures attendees of personal contact with any of the close to 100 authentic motorsports legends and special guests on hand for the event.

Adding to the experience are locally-catered lunches and dinners, along with the screening of a number of racing films, in some cases with the one or more of the film’s actual participants sitting right there watching along with the ticket-holders, said the Museum.

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