Q&A With Interior Fabrication Seminar Presenter Mobile Solutions

Mar 3, 2010

The HRR Trade Show will be featuring a new Interior Fabrication training seminar on Saturday, March 13, from 2:30pm- 4:30pm. (Please note the time change!) The seminar will be hosted by Arizona-based company Mobile Solutions.

We talked with the company’s president, Bryan Schmitt about his company’s background, as well as what he’ll be teaching at the show and other types of classes his company offers.

HRR: Can you give us a little bit of background about your experience and Mobile Solutions as a business?

Schmitt: My experience and background [includes] 19 years [in the mobile electronics and automotive industry]. In those 19 years I’ve been in a lot of roles [where I] did fabrication work for different types of show cars, for restorations and for integrating systems.

Along with that, I was fortunate to work at Rockford Fosgate. I was its senior vehicle designer for seven years. At Rockford, we would build several major show cars a year with massive budgets.It was a lot of fun. My job at Rockford yielded a lot of different opportunities from the training I did.

After my departure from Rockford, I started a company called Mobile Solutions. The basic idea is to teach industry professionals faster, more efficient and new techniques for interior design and fabrication.

HRR: What are the most important techniques you think a hot rod builder will learn at your seminar?

Schmitt: I would say, one, being able to conceptualize the design. We have several tools that help do that; for example being able to sketch out and draw out full-scale illustrations of what an interior design should look like.

The second part of this would be the router techniques. They allow you to do repeatable processes with high accuracy. When a guy takes a jigsaw and cuts a shape out, that shape can never really be reproduced. It’s not symmetrical; you have to sand it, etc. If you use a router, it lets you duplicate right and left sides perfectly. It also gives you the ability to use different materials such as aluminum and plastic, different painted surfaces that can all fit together perfectly.

HRR: What makes your training different from other types of interior fabrication training and classes?

Schmitt: The way it’s taught is very different. I like to teach it more on a live, hands-on basis. We conceptualize [design] concepts as a group.The rest of the training is a step-by-step process that’s really easy to understand. The classes are taught in a way that someone with very little experience can take the ideas and concepts, go back to their own shops and execute them very easily.

HRR: What’s the best way to get started doing this kind of work?

Schmitt: We recommend our fabrication classes. We have a weekend class that would probably be the best investment [for hot rod shops]. The training would help you decide what tools you need and don’t need, and really give you some direction on how you want to go about fabricating things.

HRR: How many training classes do you offer per year? How long are the different training classes?

Schmitt: We do about four in-house trainings at our training center. We actually can do trainings on-site at the location of different shops. We’ll have some throughout the year, but we can do custom ones specific to someone’s shop.

We get a fair number of upholstery guys and hot rod guys who come to our classes. I’ve done training for other companies like Bose for their R&D department, and WyoTech, for their trim department, for all the upholstery teachers there. We taught all the guys there.

HRR: What kind of cost is involved with attending a training session?

Schmitt: The cost to come to our three-day class is $699. [We provide] materials, breakfast and lunch. They get their own class project, a manual with all the content and a mixing chart. It’s pretty comprehensive.

HRR: What percentage of training time in each seminar is hands-on?

Schmitt: I would probably say 25 percent is hands-on. People don’t like to hear that because they want to work hands-on, but our thought on this is that we’d like to show you more things while you’re here. You do a small project here and then go home, rather than waste a full day doing stuff that you could do in your own shop. It’s about seeing new ideas.

HRR: Where is your training center located?

Schmitt: We’re in Phoenix [which] we feel [is] pretty centralized for the western side of the country. I will have some regional training sessions up on our website later in the year. They’re going to be in the northeast, in the south, all over the country.

For more information about Mobile Solutions visit www.mobilesolutions-usa.com or call (800) 306-0133 ext. 13380.