Q&A: RBP Vice President Discusses New ‘Black Series’ Products

Aug 7, 2014

Rolling Big Power is releasing a Black Series of truck products. Dave Crockett, vice president of aftermarket sales and operations is here to answer a few a questions about them.

Could you tell us a little about the Rolling Big Power (RBP) Black Series?

The RBP Black or “Street Series” is for designed for the everyday truck driver who wants the “RBP” look. The Black Series line includes wheels, grilles, and exhaust tips. These parts are all vehicle-specific and are made for stock, light-duty trucks, SUVs and CUVs. The grilles are U.S.-made and the wheels are available in either one-piece, which are made in China, or three piece, which are made here in the U.S. All the products have that classic Black look that RBP made so popular and are in stock in Gloss Black or can be ordered in a satin finish.  Both of these finishes have red accents to make the parts pop when on the vehicle.

What are the price points?

Because RBP is known as the “Rolex of truck accessories” these aren’t inexpensive but are reasonable by RBP’s standards. The grilles start from $795 the one piece wheels are priced in the range you would expect from a high-end luxury wheel, and the exhaust tips range between $95 to $125 retail.

What is distinctive about the Black Series?

This is the first time a company has tried to make the everyday driver look like a luxury vehicle with not having to add a lot of custom parts to do so.

What has RBP done to make the Black Series more accessible to the everyday driver and the SUV market?

All the parts are vehicle-specific, which eliminates worrying about offsets and backspacing. Plus, this is the first time RBP has offered its products to multiple SUVs and CUVs.

What collateral materials do you offer dealers/distributors to help market the Black Series?

RBP Black has its own website and has multiple POPs like posters, flyers and roll-up banners available, and if a customer wants to stock the line we can offer custom displays as well.