Product of the Week: Temporary Headlamp Protection at High Speeds

Aug 9, 2013

The car enthusiast principals at EZ Shield Paint Protector last year desired a new type of product that would protect their vehicle headlamps from pitting on the road and at the track. So, the company embarked on creating a thin, yet durable clear polyethylene lens cover that could be temporarily added and removed.

“I thought if I could ever find a way to make that headlight film temporary, there’d be a place for it in this market,” Tom Brady, president of EZ Shield Paint Protector, told Restyling. “When you have a nice car, or a track car, you want it to always look like a showroom car. You don’t want a big black bra covering the front end.”

EZ Shield debuted its new 5-mil headlight covers earlier this summer. Available applications are custom-fit for the BMW 3-Series; Chevy 1500 trucks, Camaros and Corvettes; Dodge Challengers; Ram Trucks; Ford F-150 trucks and Mustangs; and Porsche Boxters and Caymans. More model applications, including for Ferrari and Lamborghini, are planned for later release, according to Brady.

“It’s not painters tape-it’s high tech stuff. It’s not going to hurt the lens or leave an adhesive residue when removed,” he said. “It would take a significant stone to crack your headlight and you’d have to be going more than 100 miles per hour. Everybody can use these covers, but it’s most useful for the track guy.”

Brady said he personally tested the durability of the new headlight covers on his Ford F-150.

“I had it all on all summer and took it to car washes several times. It lasted the whole time,” he said. “In the winter, I put it on the rocker panel to see how much abuse it can take through the salts and everything-it’ll definitely stay on.”

For a second consecutive year, EZ Shield will have a presence at the SEMA Show in booth No.12926.

“We’re still a fledgling company,” Brady said. “Because of that, we can offer extremely good service. We have plenty inventory and can turnaround an order extremely quick. We have no fear in sending out samples.”

For more information on the product, contact Brady at 614-392-2428 or at; or Irv Cohen at 951-677-0140.