Point of Purchase: January 2008

Dec 2, 2009

Point of Purchase Materials
advance Flow engineering (aFe), Corona, Calif., is pleased to announce the release of their aFe Power branding campaign with associated point of purchase materials. The new aFe Power logo replaces all previous corporate aFe logos. As part of their identity package, aFe has developed a series of point of sales materials that will help push the aFe Power message to the jobber/retail channel.

Frame for Promotions
Walls+Forms, Dallas, Texas, just expanded its Sek eFrame line with a backer board profile that allows you to place semi-permanent “die-cut” graphics behind the frame while leaving the front open to promotions. Sek eFrame is a “user-friendly ” front-loading graphic frame system designed for interior and exterior graphic applications. The slim all aluminum profile can enhance any signage installation. Inspired by classic “Art Deco” style, Sek eFrame stylized lines flow into each precision mitered corner creating a look that is new and innovative.

POP Materials
Jet, Huntington Beach, Calif., offers a selection of POP materials to help you boost sales. Jet has several POP items available to you free of charge. Among the POP items Jet has are a 24″ x 48″ end-cap sign with brochure holder. Along with their 2007 catalog and jobber price sheet, they offer a tri-fold brochure with counter top holder. A 14″ x 14″ mass air sensor display is also available, as is a Jet banner.

Packaging/Point-of-Purchase Display
Thermo-Tec, Greenwich, Ohio, offers a dynamic package design and attractive point-of-purchase displays that help drive sales if Thermo-Tec Automotive Products. Products sell themselves when the package and display demand the buyer’s attention. Thermo-Tec’s extensive product testing and proven name ensures that each product sold is of the highest quality to meet any exhaust heat management problem. They have three different planogram sizes to meet any store’s needs.

Point of Purchase Display Units
Gardner-Westcott Company, Northville, Mich., makes it easy to display a large selection of fastener sets all at once by organizing them in a simple but neat and arranged manor. They have floor units that consist of small and big block GM, Pontiac, Ford, Chrysler, along with a complete line of Metric sets in generic formats or with their exclusive Emblem Stamped Hex Caps. You can custom order the display units to fit your shops individual needs and they come Chrome Plated, Stainless Steel and in Polished Stainless Steel for what ever application is required. These Point of Purchase Display Units make reordering a snap with kit part numbers on each hanger.

Power-Flow POP Display
Injen Technology, Pomona, Calif., offers its Power-Flow POP display, which they say is not your ordinary simple floor display. It doubles as an educational tool, explaining the features and benefits of the Mega Ram Technology process and the many benefits of the Power Box. It even uses a cutout of an authentic Power Box to shows the quality of the workmanship and the functionality of the design.

Proform Planogram
Proform, Roseville, Mich., offers this comprehensive Proform Parts Planogram, which includes four smaller Planograms displaying Electrical Products, Bowtie Chrome Parts, Valve Train Products and Engine Builder Tools. Attractive packaging and the right combination of products guarantees you’ll get the attention of your performance-minded customer. This all-inclusive Proform Planogram will result in increased sales and better parts selection for your customers.

Wheel & Tire Rack
Naythons, Philadelphia, Pa., offers this wheel & tire rack, designed to merchandise wheels with tires. Wheels and tires have always been two distinct product categories, but this rack allows both to be merchandised on the same rack and upsell by allowing the customer to mix and match.

Slime Metal Rack Display
Slime, Grover Beach, Calif., offers the Slime Metal Rack Display, which takes up less than 18″x18″ of floor space. Each display includes the following: easy-to-assemble heavy-duty metal display with wheels, POP signage, 12 eight-ounce and eighteen 16-ounce Tube Sealant bottles, twenty-four 24-ounce Tire Sealant bottles and four 1-gallon Tire Sealant jugs [with pumps]. To boost your Slime sales 1000%, use the included demo tire and ice pick to demonstrate how Slime Tire Sealant prevents and repairs flats.

Blister Pack Displays
Totally Stainless, Gettysburg, Pa., announce their blister packs are now available with rotary displays. The rotary display is available in countertop and floor models. The display pictured contains a full line of line clamps, flex line clips, flex line brackets and mounting screws. Hundreds of other popular stainless items are also available in this packaging.

Tri-Fold POP
SLP Performance, Toms River, N.J., now has available its all-new Tri-Fold POP sales material to help you promote the sale of all their great new performance and appearance products available for Late-Model Detroit Muscle Cars and Full-Size Trucks. The Tri-Fold brochure showcases SLP’s stainless steel headers, Catalyst-back exhaust systems, Cold Air Induction Systems and Performance Packages they now have available for late-model Corvette, GTO, Camaro, Firebird, Mustang, Dodge Charger, Magnum, 300C, F150, Silverado, Sierra and Dodge Ram.

Performance Plumbing
Earl’s Performance, Bowling Green, Ky., offers this display board to explain the different hose and hose ends Earl’s offers on an attractive 4 color, 24″ X 24″ point of purchase (POP). Hang it on your plumbing wall, under the counter or anywhere you have your Earl’s Plumbing.

Gauge Packaging & Display
Classic Instruments, Boyne City, Mich., offers a wide assortment of instrumentation that customers can add onto a standard gauge set such as quartz clocks or tachometers. The new packaging that has been designed for individual gauges offers a great display for a dealer as well as secure packaging when shipped to a customer.

Prestone Belt-Binâ„¢ POS Display
CADNA Automotive, Memphis, Tenn., has introduced its innovative Prestone Belt-Binâ„¢ system to the automotive aftermarket. The point-of-sale [POS] display allows for up to 400 of the company’s premium, Prestone branded belts to be efficiently organized in one 4 x 4 foot or 2 x 8 foot shelf section.

Cutter Display
Blair Equipment Company, Flint, Mich., offers the Blair Spotweld Cutter Display, which they say cuts circles around other displays. It has bright attractive packaging that showcases the original spotweld cutter, Premium Rotabroach® hole cutters and replacement components. A versatile display with heavy duty construction can be used on the counter or on hung on a pegboard or slat wall.

Silicone Hose POP
Thermal Flex, San Diego, Calif., a manufacturer of premium, high performance silicone hose offers a new and exciting Point of Purchase [POP] display program which includes various types of silicone hoses such as elbows, humps, reducers/step hose, vacuum hose and heater hose. These quality silicone hoses are offered in Blue, Red & Black colors and many standard sizes.

Action Sports Display Rack
Complete Wheel Source, Grand Junction, Colo., offers this display rack that accommodates larger sized wheels. Built from high-grade aircraft aluminum, this display stand is a perfect match for those of you with minimum showroom floor space and maximum exposure expectations. The rack can hold a selection of wheels up to 15″ in diameter. The Action Sports Display comes with the stand, a heavy duty base to secure your investment, six interchangeable hooks and your preferred company logo to match your display product.