Point of Purchase – April 2009

Dec 2, 2009

The following is a collection of the latest P.O.P. displays, plan-o-grams, standalone units and related pieces designed to push product in your showroom, waiting area or at the register.

Backlit Shop Signs
Holley Performance Products, Bowling Green, Ky., offers its Holley Brands Backlit Sign. Designed for speed shop and traditional hard parts outlets that want to show consumers that they sell performance too, the backlit sign features four-color attention-grabbing graphics that deliver a visual impact from any distance. The sign showcases the popular Holley, Weiand, NOS, Lunati, Flowtech, Hooker and Earls’ logos all on one sign. It measures 15-inches tall by 30-inches long and can be displayed on a shelf, peg hooks or as a hanging sign.

Retail Packaging
Cherry Bomb, Loudon, Tenn., presents graphic retail packaging for its exhaust accessories, similar to its exhaust line. The packaging marks the company’s expansion into a broad array of exhaust accessories including clamps, hangers, gaskets, flex joints, pipe adapters and more.  Cherry Bomb also manufactures a full line of high-performance mufflers, in addition to a large number of cat-back systems, accessories, and custom kits.

Promotional Plan-O-Gram
ARP Automotive Racing Products, Ventura, Calif., presents its promotional plan-o-grams designed to help retailers showcase popular items. Features include full-color product photos, with provisions to display the company’s automotive fasteners themselves. It is calculated on a 1-inch spaced grid pattern, so it can be used on pegboards or grid walls. The company also offers P.O.P. posters, banners and other promotional items.

New Brand Packaging
Purolator, Broadview, Ill., a Robert Bosch brand, introduces bold new packaging for its standard line of oil and air filters. The new packaging is scheduled to begin appearing on retailers’ shelves in the second quarter of 2009, and was created to help build sales through brand recognition and loyalty. The sophisticated new packaging shares its design with Purolator’s premium PureONE package, but uses a blue background instead of PureONE’s gold. The stronger and more modern appearance makes for a powerful shelf presence.

Mini Plan-O-Gram
Thermo-Tec Automotive Products, Greenwich, Ohio, offers a new mini plan-o-gram designed to get retailers started selling heat control products. The display helps the company’s top-selling products sell themselves with packaging and presentation that attracts the buyer’s attention, offering inexpensive ways for drivers to increase performance, improve fuel consumption and protect expensive engine parts.

In-Store Display Merchandise
BBK Performance, Temecula, Calif., offers its new BBK Displays, designed to increase sales. With one display free per store location with order, the company’s in-store display merchandise promotes its growing line of EFI performance products.  All BBK products include modern, up-to-date packaging, delivering the company’s message to walk-in customers.

Create Your Own Displays
Universal Laser Systems, Scottsdale, Ariz., presents its laser engraving and cutting system that allows retailers to create their own point-of-purchase displays and signage. Cut, mark and engrave detailed, intricate patterns, tight curves and angles, letters and shapes in acrylic, plastic, wood, vinyl, marble and more. Systems are available with engraving areas from 16-by-12-inches to 48-by-24-inches, and laser power from 10 to 150 watts. Users can also provide on-demand personalization without outsourcing custom work.

Freestanding Banners
QuickSilver Exhaust Systems, Surrey, U.K., offers a portfolio of point-of-sale materials to assist dealers and specialists in promoting and selling the company’s QuickSilver Sports exhaust line. Available items include freestanding banners such as an Aston Martin product display with two DBR9s on the race circuit. The banners are 220cm (86 inches) high by 84cm (33 inches) wide, and ideal for showroom or after-sales/service areas with strong customer traffic. Additional items include a complete series of counter product bulletins available in PDF format, vehicle stickers, mouse pads and memory sticks with the company’s catalog.

Countertop Display
Steelmate USA, Cerritos, Calif., a division of David Levy Co., offers an in-store display for its popular wireless parking sensor system PTS400T, designed to assist dealers as a “silent salesman” in demonstrating the merits of Parking Assist. The display includes eye-catching self-sell graphics and a fully functional PTS400T system, which prompts the prospective customer with a five-color LCD display, showing the distance from the object in feet and additional voice prompts of the distance from its built-in speaker. The display is available to authorized dealers.

Interactive P.O.P. Displays
Pace Edwards, Elkhart, Ind., presents interactive P.O.P. displays for its Bedlocker and JackRabbit Series retractable truck bed covers. The displays demonstrate the flush fit of the covers and allow consumers to get a close look at the actual construction and finish. The Bedlocker display includes power buttons that demonstrate how the cover opens and closes, while the optional PowerGate display (which attaches to the front of the Bedlocker display) features a working model of the PowerGate that can also be operated by a separate power switch.

Dealer Marketing Kit
3M, St. Paul, Minn., offers its online 3M Dealer Marketing Kit that now includes 60 application tools and products for purchase, including plotters, knives and blades, scrapers and squeegees, cleaning tools, professional chemicals and more. The enhanced Web site offers hundreds of marketing and installation tools and products for automotive dealerships and window tinters, including create-your-own P.O.P. materials, as well as continued and increased support for paint protection film installers.

Lift Kit P.O.P.
Superlift Suspension Systems, W. Monroe, La., presents its Level-It P.O.P. display, designed to maximize dealer profits for the company’s Level-It Lift Systems. The display features kit photos, details unique features and benefits, and includes a 7-inch LCD that shows before-and-after images of popular applications. The easy-to-install lift systems provide 1.5 to 3 inches of lift, depending on application, and maintain factory ride quality.

Metal Frame Rack
AEM, Hawthorne, Calif., introduces its metal frame rack, designed with two-sided color graphics that come in three pieces for easy setup and an open area for holding catalogs. The rack is specifically designed to display AEM’s Dryflow Air Filters.

Diesel Performance P.O.S. Dealer Package

ANSA Automotive, Macon, Ga., offers a new point-of-sales package for all Silverlineâ„¢ Diesel Performance Exhaust dealers and resellers. The POS package includes a product display that holds a 5-inch T-304 stainless steel diesel tip, 48-by-60-inch large-sized Silverline banner with eye-catching graphics, Silverline application wall chart, catalog, Silverline baseball cap and a sticker kit. Designed for participating retail outlets to build brand awareness and promote the sale of diesel exhausts, all kits come pre-packaged and are offered at a reasonable cost.

Point-of-Sale Dealer Kits
Hawk Performance, Solon, Ohio, offers two separate point-of-sale dealer kits. The company’s “Red Kit” provides product information and branding imagery that supports its complete line of street products. Hawk’s “Green Kit” focuses on the truck and SUV market and features its LTS product line. Each kit contains a display stand, brochure holder, 200 brochures, one counter mat, two mouse pads, four decals, three pens and two notepads.

Airbag P.O.P. Insert
Grant Products, Glendale, Calif., presents its Revolution Airbag P.O.P. Inserts for the company’s GMT 800 and GMT 900 steering wheels. Designed as a silent salesman insert to display inside Revolution Airbag Wheels, the inserts contain all product and application information that consumers need to purchase a Revolution Wheel.

No-Mess Funnel Display
Proform/Specialty Auto Parts USA Inc., Warren, Mich., presents an attractive standalone dump bin designed to attract attention and sell handy, inexpensive Proform funnels. Large illustrations on “how it works” are printed on the box, allowing any automotive novice or professional to immediately recognize the “no-mess funnel” message. The display’s compact design holds a large quantity of product without taking up much floor space. Positioned near the check out, it’s an add-on sale booster.

Oil Filter Plan-O-Gram 
advanced FLOW engineering (aFe), Corona, Calif., presents its new Pro Guard D2 oil filter plan-o-grams, with separate part numbers for diesel and gas applications. The self-liquidating plan-o-grams are designed to help jobbers, speed shops and quick lube shops maximize their filter sales. The plan-o-grams feature nine performance oil filters in the company’s most popular diesel and gas applications. The 14-by-14-inch displays fit on all standard shelves and counters.

P.O.P. Banner
Auburn Gear, Auburn, Ind., offers a point-of-purchase banner for performance and off-road shops, highlighting the company’s performance differentials. The banner includes information on the advantages of Auburn’s ECTED and Limited Slip product lines, and warranty highlights.

Retail P.O.P. Display
CFMPlus LLC, Vista, Calif., offers its Plexiglas retail P.O.P. display that shows off one of the company’s unique composite intake manifolds. The display comes with a literature holder and 50 tri-fold brochures highlighting the benefits of the product to end-users. The intake manifold must be purchased separately, and the display is free with the purchase of two manifolds.

Countertop Emblem Fastener Display
Gardner-Westcott Co., Northville, Mich., offers its distributors and dealers an attractive, compact countertop fastener display unit that measures 8-by-8-inches with a 3.5-inch base. The display features 18 Emblem Stamped Hex Caps along with 10 selected head styles and seven various nuts to capture the attention of retail customers. It shows caps that are produced for small- and big-block engine dress-up kits and individual application sets, including the popular Chevy bowtie, vintage Ford and other manufacturers, plus flames, skulls and more.

Counter Cards & Posters
EngineQuest (EQ), Las Vegas, offers a comprehensive point-of-sale program that supports engine builders, machine shops and parts suppliers to sell hard-to-find parts such as out-of-production cylinder heads and timing covers. Counter cards and wall posters are uniquely designed to catch the customer’s attention and require minimum space.