Petty’s Legacy Car

Jan 10, 2011

A new custom car being built by Petty’s Garage pays tribute to racing legend Richard Petty.

The project tells the story of Petty’s professional life, from his NASCAR Rookie of the Year career start to his record-setting 200 race wins, and from his seven NASCAR Championships to his recent work promoting vehicle lift safety.

The car, named “Legacy by Petty,” is a unique Dodge Challenger convertible. Since Dodge doesn’t produce a stock Challenger convertible, Petty’s Garage worked with Drop-Top Customs on the fully functional convertible conversion.

It is the first convertible to come out of Petty’s Garage, Petty’s high-performance speed shop, according to a press release.

“Legacy by Petty’s” base coat is the trademark Petty Blue color made famous by The King’s number 43 Superbird, but it’s the storytelling graphics airbrushed on top that make it truly unique.

Renowned airbrush artist Mickey Harris is covering the vehicle with detailed images of key moments in Petty’s career, including his spectacular crash on lap 106 of the 1988 Daytona 500 and, as depicted by eagles, Petty’s Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian award. Petty is the first motorsports athlete ever to be honored with this award.

Harris airbrushed every rendering freehand while onlookers and Petty himself watched during a recent open house at Petty’s Garage, located in the former home of Petty’s race team in Level Cross, N.C.

R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, president of the Automotive Lift Institute, owns the car. Petty and ALI have a longstanding relationship: Petty and his son, fellow NASCAR legend Kyle Petty, host “Lifting It Right,” a DVD focusing on vehicle lift safety that is produced and distributed by ALI and its members.

“Automotive lift safety is not just for the service professional; it’s important in the hobby and collector market too,” said Petty as he stood next to “Legacy” talking shop with Harris, O’Gorman, and Greg Steadman, general manager of Petty’s Garage.

“Legacy by Petty” will make appearances across North America this year, honoring Petty’s career while at the same time helping to educate consumers about the importance of buying and using certified vehicle lifts correctly.

The project is the result of more than 11 months of design and development, with all work done in-house at Petty’s Garage. Outside experts collaborating on the build include Murray Pfaff for creative input and final design renderings, Drop-Top Customs for a fully functional convertible conversion, Kicker Performance Audio, which designed the audio and video system, and Katzkin Leather, which created the leather interior that matches The King’s crocodile skin boots.

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