Performance Plus Connection Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Apr 30, 2013

Performance Plus Connection, a distributor of automotive parts for the racing and hot rod/street rod markets, is now offering its spark plug Fire Boots line in bright pink to support the Breast Cancer Awareness for Life Foundation.

The company will donate $10 of every set of pink spark plug Fire Boots sold (retail price is $29.95) to the Breast Cancer Awareness for Life (AFL), according to Vince Coscia, Performance Plus Connection president.

“I wanted to remind my friends in the performance automotive enthusiast community that we still must battle with our wives, our daughters, our nieces and our girlfriends against the ravages of breast cancer,” Coscia said.

Constructed of woven, high-temperature, non-flammable fiberglass, the spark plug Fire Boots protect spark plug wires from the heat of exhaust manifolds and against ignition misfires. It also resists damaging chemicals and helps extend the life of your wires.

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