People Make the Industry, Teams Thrust It Forward

May 3, 2013

As soon as you – our loyal reader – cracked the fold of this May issue, a new chapter of Restyling began.

This very publication marks our 15th anniversary as a magazine. I could fill this entire column with reasons why Restyling is different now than the first day it was launched in May 1998. But that would be a waste of space. Just like at your shop or business, this magazine’s general focus has never changed: our customers are the stars.

Moving forward as your new editor, I am devoted to capturing the stories and industry trends that Restyling readers care about. We aim this publication to educate and entertain in a way that makes your position in the automotive aftermarket a little easier to understand. If our content ever misses the mark, I need to hear from you about how we can improve.

Please feel free to call or email me at any time to share the type of coverage and stories that you crave for this magazine. You can reach me during business hours at 800-669-0424, ext. 298, and; or during afterhours and weekends at 720-382-6774.

It’s fitting that Restyling has dedicated our substantive May issue – “The Personalities Issue” – to all the men and women who keep the restyling aftermarket churning. Be sure to read our “Personalities” coverage where we shine the spotlight on 10 influential industry people who personally share their stories and market perspectives.

That feature, titled “The Aftermarket Makers,” is the final contribution to the magazine from a big personality of Restyling’s own, Alan Farb.

Farb recently left as editor of the magazine in order to enjoy more time with his wife, Linda, and the many fruits of retirement. I’d like to say replacing Farb will be easy, but there’s no substituting his dry, candid sense of humor and lengthy list of accomplishments. His hearty presence will be missed at National Business Media and among his contacts in the automotive aftermarket.

Meanwhile, a familiar face also is back in the fold: Jef White, Restyling’s managing editor from 2000-2007, has rejoined the magazine as executive editor. White never strayed far from his automotive aftermarket roots. He helped launch our sister automotive publication, Performance Business, in 2003 and has been editor of that magazine since 2009. He now will oversee both publications.

Other notable Restyling personalities that you may know include Publisher Kent Bradley, Associate Publisher Bob Carnahan, Staff Writer Patricia Kaowthumrong and Production Coordinator Kristina Steiner. By themselves, White, Bradley, Carnahan, Kaowthumrong, and Steiner are brimming with talent. But when together, this team can accomplish so much more than what’s possible by just a single individual.

Although “The Aftermarket Makers” emphasizes individual personalities, all those interviewed have stories that give credit to someone else – a friend, family member or team member – that helped boost them toward solidifying their dream career.

In my life, I can identify plenty of people who prioritized my success and helped me get here today: my parents, college professors, coaches, my wife, and colleagues like Alan, who helped prepare me for this new post.

Even in the fiercely competitive auto aftermarket, associations have been formed by people who are rivals from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but band together to advance the interests of the market as a whole.

Personalities are powerful. But it’s alarmingly clear that it’s only through teams and partnerships that we can achieve greatness.

Now I wonder: What have you done today to make those around you better?