PendaForm Prioritizes Retail Services with Release of Wheel Well Liners

Feb 20, 2014

PendaForm Co. has developed a point-of-purchase (POP) display for retailers who offer its new wheel well liner product, according to Mike Freye, director of marketing for the company.

PendaForm is a manufacturer of thermoformed plastic truck accessories, including truck bedliners, tie downs and van panels. The company’s new wheel well liners offer protection that helps prevent damage from offroad and on-road debris, including rocks, dirt, salt and tar, as well as snow and slush. The liners also enhance the appearance of pickups and provide sound dampening, according to PendaForm.

A PendaForm wheel well liner point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) display is currently in production for shops to eventually utilize for no additional cost, according to the company.

“This innovative point-of-sale product display clearly demonstrates both the functionality of the product and the enhancement of the truck’s appearance to the retail customer without clogging up floor space with a bulky, unattractive and ineffective display,” Freye said. “The PendaForm display will become a silent salesperson on the sales floor, driving customers to ask for the product to enhance their vehicle’s look and protection.”

Installation of the wheel well liner requires no drilling or wheel removal, according to PendaForm. Applications are available for Ford F-150 and F-250 and GM Silverado and Sierra 150 model pickups.

Retailers interested in acquiring a POP display for the PendaForm wheel well liner should contact their warehouse distributor.

Before: a pickup without PendaForm’s wheel well liner.

After: a pickup featuring PendaForm’s wheel well liner.