Optimized Performance

Feb 1, 2013

Modern race cars and street machines speak a modern language that the latest tuning products understand. A proper tune offers maximum horsepower and efficiency for every performance project.

At a time when customers are being more selective with their disposable income, tuners are an easy sell. Once shops can explain their benefits and simple installation, they become a must-have add-on.

And today’s tuners offer so much more. Everything from speedometer calibration to code clears, driving coaches to custom gauge and screen options are available at the touch of a button.

The following is a roundup of the latest tuning products available to aftermarket professionals. Regardless of the project you’re working on, it’s wise never to miss a chance to optimize your performance.

Bully Dog Technologies
American Falls, Idaho
Adrian Croot
Marketing Project Manager

Our hottest tuning product is…

…Bully Dog’s best-selling product is our revolutionary Gauge Tuner (GT), which provides significant horsepower and torque gains for both gas and diesel engines. The GT now comes in five products: GT Diesel, GT Gas, 50 State GT, GT for Hemi and GT for Jeep.

The focus has always been on providing the best performance, gauge and safety features on the market and we are excited to announce our PMT2, an all-new unit for 2013 that will have a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen providing better quality, durability and ease of use over a resistive touchscreen.

A new magnetic mounting system will also be included that provides an easy, quick-release mounting solution and lots of other great features including GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, tuning for horsepower and torque, fuel economy gains when following the driving coach, diagnostic code reader and custom gauge and screen options

Its best features include        

…our GT product line provides impressive increases in horsepower and torque through specifically engineered tuning, customizable monitoring, gauges and diagnostic reading capabilities. In addition, special trail features are available on the GT for Jeep providing the ultimate off-road experience. The GT for Jeep also provides the only solution for enthusiasts wanting to change their gear ratios in later-model Jeeps.

The PMT2 will have the 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, plus four tuning levels to choose from, up to 120-hp gains, driving coach, shift-on-the-fly between three power levels, gauge monitoring, safety defueling, the ability to read and erase trouble codes and the ability to use on multiple vehicle applications.

The biggest issue currently facing the tuning market from a shop/retailer standpoint is

…being able to stay educated on the huge range of products and offerings available to the customer in order to provide first-class service and the right products. Bully Dog strives to help educate our dealers through online videos, webinars and one-to-one contact with our sales representatives. Keep in touch with your sales representative for the latest product information.

New technology is affecting the tuning market by

…giving dealers new and exciting products to offer their customers, offering new features never before seen and providing the excitement factor in the sale. New technology expands the customer’s belief of what is possible, and it is important for the retailer to be able to provide the solutions to the customer’s ever-expanding expectations.

The biggest misconception shop professionals have regarding tuning products is

…selling tuners requires stocking a lot of part numbers. Bully Dog provides high-quality tuners for a wide range of vehicles in just a handful of part numbers, making stocking product easy and giving the retailer the ability to keep customers happy by having product on hand at all times.

Installation is also very easy and can be a good profit generator for retail shops.

One way shops can immediately begin making more money through tuning products is by

…stocking product so as not to lose the sale when a customer is ready to buy, and including an install to add value to the customer’s experience in order to earn their business in the future.

Also, contact your Bully Dog sales rep-we will help with current market trends, information on new products, and how to provide the best performance experience for your customers. Bully Dog has a preferred dealer program providing marketing material and additional support for all dealers stocking a GT and placing the unit on display.

JET Performance Products
Huntington Beach, Calif.
Dan Nicholas

Our hottest tuning product is

…our DST 14007 that allows you to tune/modify your LSX motor using a PC.

Its best features include

…unlimited changes, will work on up to four vehicles, customize as much or as little as you require, and it even covers 2013 Corvettes, Camaros, trucks, etc.

The biggest issue currently facing the tuning market from a shop/retailer standpoint is

…customers getting a bit tighter with their wallets.

New technology is affecting the tuning market by

…continually bringing new products to the market, allowing for more customization. This allows consumers to have a wide range of choices when it comes to tuning.

If all you want is to push a button and improve performance, you can-or you can custom tune it to meet your exact specs.

The biggest misconception shop professionals have regarding tuning products is

…they don’t realize what an easy add-on sale it is. For example: if you have a customer upgrading wheels and tires, a tuning product can quickly correct the speedometer for those changes and improve horsepower at the same time.

One way shops can immediately begin making more money through tuning products is by

…promoting the ease of installation and using them as an add-on with other products, or adding other products to the sale of the tuner.

Bartlett, Tenn.
Chris Fairless
Regional Sales Manager

Our hottest tuning product is …

…the Max Energy and Interceptor tuners.

Its best features include …

-¦ the ability to optimize tuning for more power, torque and fuel economy, and improved throttle response

The biggest issue currently facing the tuning market from a shop/retailer standpoint is …

…using products that are CARB compliant. (Shops need to be) selling products that are emissions legal; that won’t get you in trouble with the EPA or CARB. Hypertech gets all of its products tested and certified to be compliant in all 50 states, and doesn’t sell anything that will defeat an emissions device.

New technology is affecting the tuning market by …

…new OEM computer systems increase the time and expense required to develop the devices used to re-flash the ECU. Also, newer engine and drivetrain management technology used by the OEMs means more ways to increase power output, without increasing vehicle emissions or exceeding mechanical limitations. In other words, more parameters to tune.

One way shops can immediately start making more money through tuning products is …

…by selling a tuner you are adding value to your overall sale. There is good profit margin in a product that is easy to install and works.

For your customer, the added value is increased horsepower and torque, better drivability and fuel economy. Additionally there are several options available in most applications-wheel and tire calibration, gear ratio calibration, transmission shift firmness and others. They are all good selling points that add value at a minimal cost.

The biggest misconception shops have when it comes to tuning products is …

…one of the biggest misconceptions is that custom dyno tunes are always better than Hypertech’s “out of the box” tunes. The fact is that Hypertech makes hundreds of dyno runs and put hundreds of miles of testing on a vehicle during the development and tuning process. There’s simply no way a small shop can duplicate the amount of R&D that we put into making a tune for a vehicle.

The result is the most powerful, and safest, tune available for that vehicle. Unless you are doing serious mods, like heads and cams, or superchargers or a turbocharger, Hypertech’s tunes are going to be as powerful and safe as anything on the market.

DiabloSport Inc.
Delray Beach, Fla.
Chris Harubin
Marketing Coordinator

Our hottest tuning product is

…the Trinity T1000 and our new inTune I-1000-DCX tuners for 2011-’12 Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram vehicles. We literally can’t make the Trinity fast enough, and we’re the only tuner in the market supporting the new SRT8 and R/T Hemi cars.

Its best features include

…horsepower and torque gains, increases in economy, a color touchscreen, preloaded tunes, performance tunes, data logging, custom tuning options for bolt-on mods, diagnostic code reader and input for up to two added external sensors.

The biggest issue currently facing the tuning market from a shop/retailer standpoint is

-¦ interfacing with a PC to do updates is one of the most challenging aspects of the tuner business. On the new inTune I-1000-DCX and inTune I-1000, DiabloSport has done as much as possible to make firmware updates simple. Just plug the inTune into the USB port on a PC that has an Internet connection and the inTune will download everything. There’s no additional software to download, no drivers to install and no firmware to find. The inTune does it all, and it does it on its own with no user intervention.

New technology is affecting the tuning market by

…as engines and the ECU take over monitoring more systems, it makes it easier for us to adjust parameters to safely squeeze every last horsepower out of the customer’s engine. The tuner is the toolbox of the 21stcentury.

The biggest misconception shop professionals have regarding tuning products is

…that computers are scary. The professionals are saying, “If I plug this product into a customer’s car there is a possibility I am going to destroy their ECU.” This couldn’t be further from the truth using a modern tuner.

If you can plug a cable into the OBDII port and follow directions you can do this. If you are still intimidated, ask any 13-year-old to do it for you because it works the same as their smartphone.

One way shops can immediately begin making more money through tuning products is by

…educating themselves about the tuners and what applications they cover. Our products cover a large majority of the vehicles on the road that need more power, from the new Hemi Charger to the diesel truck used to pull your race car to the track.

With education you can push the appropriate product to the right customer and overcome the customer’s objections as to why they need the tuner.

AEM Performance Electronics
Hawthorne, Calif.
Lawson Mollica
Director of Marketing & PR

Our hottest tuning product is

…our new Infinity standalone programmable ECU.

Its best features include

…it has up to 12 injector drivers and ignition coil outputs to control engines of up to 12 cylinders. It runs on state-of-the-art hardware. It uses airflow-based tuning models that allow you to input specific engine data and get the engine started right away, which greatly speeds up the tuning process.

Infinity units are multi-fuel and Flex Fuel-compatible and offer multiple strategies for boost, nitrous, idle control, ignition trim, charge temp blend and more. They  feature lightning-fast data logging, dual internal wideband controllers, dual knock sensing circuits, drive-by-wire capability, real-time sensor diagnostics and an internal engine simulator. The enclosure and connectors are sealed and suitable for engine bay mounting, and are designed to withstand the harshest racing environments

And there’s so much more. It really delivers the tuning capabilities of engine control units used in high-end motorsports, but at a price point that makes it a deal for professional motorsports teams and attainable to the weekend racer. Combine this with one of the best after-purchase support systems in the business, including free phone tech support, and I think you can see why the Infinity is garnering attention in many forms of racing, both amateur and professional.

New technology is affecting the tuning market by

…from the standpoint of standalone engine control and the Infinity ECU, it delivers control of many functions that were limited to very high-end controllers in the past, like drive-by-wire, flex fuel, multiple fuel and more. While doing so, it also allows for multiple tuning strategies when it comes to boost, idle, traction, nitrous, etc.

You have the ability to tune a modern race car using modern technology, and expand your customer base because of the Infinity’s affordability.

One way shops can immediately begin making more money through tuning products is by

…utilizing training provided by the manufacturer so that you can best serve your customers. It also allows you to develop relationships with the manufacturer that will assist you with solutions for satisfying the needs of your specific customer base if you specialize in one type of racing.

For instance, we offer Factory Trained classes for the Infinity at our facility free of charge, and will be expanding this training to regional locations in 2013 and beyond.