Olympians and Restyling Business Owners Share Similarities

Feb 20, 2014

Several clients had an Olympic Theme for their events this year. The presentations I crafted incorporated the theme and included this list of similarities between an Olympic athlete and a dynamic business professional. Read them and join me in making it a list of 25.

1.  Must be disciplined, dedicated and committed to win;

2.  Extensive training / coaching required;

3.  Must excel as an individual and also team member;

4.  Must know strengths and weaknesses;

5.  Can perform under tense or adverse conditions;

6.  Must sustain high levels of energy physically and


7.  Must be agile and flexible;

8.  Must push themselves to the limit to excel and win;

9.  Must be in top physical and mental condition;

10. Thinks and acts like a champion;

11.  Organized and disciplined;

12.  Laser-focused;

13.  Loves to compete;

14.  Never forgets the thrill of winning;

15.  Believes they can win;

16.  Uses visualization – Visualizes the win;

17.  Possesses “mental toughness” / emotional intelligence;

18.  Meets their challenges head on;

20.  Eats healthy and has healthy habits;

21.  Develop habits, rituals, and routines that work;

22.  Proud of their country, even if they are frustrated with

the inability of their government to work together as a

team for the betterment of their country.

What else should be on this list?

The one difference between your life, and that of an Olympic athlete, and I do hope you do have is that some of the younger athletes in training do not have a personal life. They sacrifice a great deal to achieve their dream. Hopefully, you have a personal life, and your dream is to have a great life and make a difference in the lives of others. Join us in making it a list of 25 on my Facebook Business page and be the first to “Like” the article.

Photo courtesy of the International Olympic Commitee.