Ohio Technical College Announces the Edelbrock Academy

Nov 4, 2010

Ohio Technical College (OTC), an automotive training school, has announced a new partnership with Edelbrock LLC to create the Edelbrock Academy, a program designed to give students a solid foundation in the building and tuning of American muscle cars and performance vehicles.

The Edelbrock Academy at Ohio Technical College will provide students with the skills necessary to efficiently produce a vehicle through planning, installation and modification of the engine, suspension system, braking system and drive train.

In addition, the course will cover engine performance modifications; installation of intakes, exhaust, nitrous, carburetors, fuel injection, supercharging systems and numerous additional Edelbrock products; and dyno tuning and testing using products and equipment from Edelbrock LLC.

“We are very excited to be able to support America’s youth with this legendary opportunity,” said Christi Edelbrock, vice president of business development, in a statement released by OTC. “To be able to give back and provide resources to our future enthusiasts is tremendous.”

Students will also gain an understanding of the aftermarket performance industry by learning about the history of Edelbrock and SEMA.

Upon completion of the Edelbrock Academy program, the participants will receive a certificate signifying their specialized, high-performance training.

“The Edelbrock Academy emphasizes our core philosophy at Ohio Technical College of adding value to our students’ educations so they are better positioned to enter today’s automotive industry as successful, productive employees,” said Tom King, director of enrollment, OTC, in the statement released by the school. “For students interested in pursuing a career at a performance shop, race team or specialty aftermarket installer, this program gives them a leg up over the competition by providing hands-on training using the latest products from Edelbrock, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers.”

Founded in 1969, Ohio Technical College provides students with unique training in a variety of transportation fields. More than 1,000 students are currently enrolled in courses like automotive, diesel, classic car restoration, alternative fuel vehicles and high performance and racing.

The Edelbrock Academy is offered to advanced OTC students and features training from the school’s High Performance and Racing program as well as a separate, 12-week course.

“We are excited to partner with Ohio Technical College and help prepare the next generation of automotive technicians who will lead our industry into the future,” said Vic Edelbrock, chairman of Edelbrock LLC, in the OTC statement. “Having worked with OTC on numerous automotive challenges at the SEMA Show and other events, we appreciate the school’s commitment to today’s youth.”

For more information, visit http://www.ohiotechnicalcollege.com.