October Focus: Shop Equipment

Dec 2, 2009

Carbide Tipped Cutters
Blair Equipment Co., Flint, Mich., introduces the carbide tipped HolcutterTM Sheet Metal Cutters for easier, high quality holemaking in tough sheet metal and plate materials such as stainless steel, alloys and cast iron (up to 1/8″ thick). The added ruggedness of the carbide cutting edges typically means optimized feed rates, with higher RPMs and faster cycle times to improve productivity. The carbide Holcutters provide smooth cutting action and virtually burr-free holes while eliminating typical tearing, ripping, gouging and deforming of the surrounding, thin material like with bi-metal hole saws and step drills.

Shop Equipment Storage Systems
Craftline Storage Systems, North Haven, Conn., carries a full line of Shop Equipment Storage Systems. The systems feature ball bearing slide drawer systems, compartment trays, compartment tray racks, bin cabinets, utility cabinets and more. Craftline products for fastener, test equipment and parts storage are made from heavy gauge steel with a black textured powder coat finish. Fully modular in design allows you to create the perfect storage system for your shop equipment needs.

Centerless Valve Refacer
Rottler, Kent, Wash., offers its new VR8 centerless valve refacer. It utilizes a CBN grinding wheel, which eliminates the need to dress the wheel, thus saving time and money. The centerless design eliminates collets and chucks while holding concentricity between valve stem and face to within .0004 TIR. Variable valve rotation speed allows operator to machine a variety of valve diameters from very small to very large.

Tire Pressure Kit
Danaher Tool Group, Baltimore, unveils a new Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Kit for the GearWrench® brand of hand tools. The kit will help with TPMS sensor maintenance during tire and rim changes. It features a sliding adjustable torque scale for easy setting, an audible alert that indicates when the predetermined torque value has been reached, and a flexible drive for a screwdriver or torque wrench. The quarter-inch size can accommodate up to 120 pounds of air pressure.

Rotary Draw Bender
CML USA Ercolina, Davenport, Iowa, offer its patented mandrel system, which adapts easily to the Megabender 030 without modification to produce high quality bends on tubes and hollow profiles when non-mandrel systems are no longer effective. Depending on the material, wall thickness and distance between bends the Ercolina mandrel system can accommodate centerline bend radii as small as 1.3 times the external diameter on tube diameters ranging from 3/8″ to 3″. Mandrel bend system incorporates five individual tooling components to effectively support profile during bending process.

Scan Tool for Asian Cars
K-Tool International (KTI), Wixom, Mich., adds the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) Scan Tool, able to program TPMS sensor IDs, allowing users to “relearn” many Asian vehicles. The tool can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and display TPMS data stream values, and it boasts an “on-tool” software-based reference manual, allowing quick access to TPMS repair information. The kit includes the TPMS Scan Tool, a durable carrying case, Smart Cable and ScanMate software.

Modular Crane Kit
Kundel Industries, Austintown, Ohio, introduces SnapTrac, a 1,000 lb. capacity modular crane system. The rails come powder-coated orange and the components come zinc-plated for long lasting corrosion protection. A universal bolt pattern is located at the end of every rail section allowing multiple rails to be joined together extending the system. Steel shielded bearings wrapped in Nylon allow smooth movement of the endtrucks and trolleys throughout the rail sections.

Triple Square Impact Drivers
Grey Pneumatic, Menomonie, Wis., releases a complete line of triple square impact drivers in standard and 4” extended lengths. Offered in 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive, sizes range from M5 to M16 in both standard and tamper-proof versions. Triple square impact drivers are used on Volkswagens, Porsches and Audis and also Detroit diesel engines, applications include transmission plugs, undercarriage, differential, front axle and caliper bolts.

50 Ton Turret Ironworker
Scotchman® Industries, Philip, S.D., features the 5014 TM Ironworker that offers a three-station revolving turret. This turret accepts up to three pieces of tooling that can be changed in seconds allowing users to reduce set-up time and increase productivity. The machine has 50 tons of pressure and the ability to punch a 13/16″ hole in a 3/4″ plate. Highlights include an angle shear that will shear up to 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ angle iron and a flat bar shear that can shear 3/4″ x 4″ to 1/4″ x 14″.  

Crimping Machine
EARL’S Performance Plumbing, Bowling Green, Ky., announces the new Ultra Flex crimping machine, P/N D032ERL.The machine is required for crimping Ultra Flex hose ends to Ultra Flex 650 hose. It features a cast aluminum body and weighs only 42 lbs yet exerts 10,000 PSI crimp force on the collar. The crimper includes a manual pump or an optional air over oil pump for direct air source can be added.

Brake System Service Fluid Exchanger
Justice Brothers, Duarte, Calif., introduces the fleet vehicle Brake System Service Fluid Exchanger, a maintenance-free roll around tool featuring a rugged exterior design, manual pressure adjustment for all types of vehicles, leak testing for added safety, 12 adaptors for easy connection and a one-year warranty. Float level safety eliminates air in the system and a two-gallon waste fluid bottle can handle the largest system. A waste fluid site level prevents over filling the fluid bottle.

Nitrogen Tire Inflation
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, Va., offers the UltraFill 99+ High-Purity Nitrogen Tire Inflation System. The system offers the highest-purity and the lowest input air requirements for an unmatched air to nitrogen ratio. Plus, at 99.5% nitrogen delivery, UltraFill 99+ provides shorter filling cycle times and a higher nitrogen purity level in the tire. The system’s fully automatic “auto-fill cart” frees-up mechanic time and improves accuracy.

Balancing Machine
CWT Industries, Norcross, Ga., offers their new Multi-Bal 2500 Balancing Machine, which incorporates a powerful PC Operating System along with simplified controls and a 4,000-pound solid base for stability. The PC based system uses proprietary software along with Weight Placement and Multi-Hole Drill Corrections.” The Drill only or Mill/Drill options allow quick weight corrections while mounted on the machine. 

Added TIG Welding Offerings
Lincoln Electric Company, Berea, Ohio, announces the expansion of its Invertec® line with the upgrade the popular Invertec V205-T AC/DC TIG welder and the new V205-T DC. The Invertec V205-T AC/DC is a compact TIG power source intended for critical AC or DC TIG welding. Updates include added circuitry in the stick crisp mode for excellent 6010 electrode welding performance, improved TIG arc starting and selectable start polarity, as well as adjustable TIG strike current. 

Power Hammer
Van Sant Enterprises, Pella, Iowa, introduces The Dake Power Hammer for the serious metal shaper. With a small footprint and lots of power, this machine can handle almost any automotive or aircraft application and will accept Pullmax style tools, according to the company. Standard equipment includes Thumbnail Shrinking Dies to make complex panels easier to build. The power hammer is intended as a complement to any Planishing Hammer or English Wheel.

Paint Gun Washer
Herkules, Walled Lake, Mich., announces the G202 Waterborne Paint Gun Washer that automatically cleans spray gun equipment with no need to purchase flocculant or filters or spend time on a paint separating process. The waterborne waste is hauled away after many wash cycles, similar to solvent paint waste. Herkules offers both automatic and manual waterborne paint gun washers, and each one is equipped with Herkules’ diaphragm pump.

Recycled Motor Oils Help the Environment
Cloister Car Wash & Lube, Leola, Pa., recycles 40,000 gallons of used motor oil each year. By recycling the used motor oil on site through Clean Burn Used-Oil Coil Tube Boilers, they’re able to generate hot water for radiant floor heating and to use in the car wash along with hot air that’s pumped back to heat the company’s quick lube operation. Clean Burn products help companies play a responsible environmental stewardship role. By having a used-oil recycling system on site, the liability in transporting used oils to disposal can be eliminated. In addition, Cloister Car Wash & Lube has found that the energy generated from the Clean Burn units provides inexpensive hot water for its car wash operations and snow melt.

New Shop Products
Joe Gibbs Driven, Huntersville, N.C., introduces an automotive degreaser and a brake and parts cleaner. Built for racing, these products will work in any shop or garage application. After 500 miles of racing, Joe Gibbs Driven Automotive Degreaser is designed to clean the car up for the next race as well as general all purpose shop applications. And, a quick change or repair at the track is required, the ability to remove grease and oil quickly is critical. Joe Gibbs Driven Brake and Parts Cleaner is formulated to clean fast, dry fast and leave no residue.

Truck Bed Storage System
DaMar Truck Deck, Parker, Colo., offers their new DaMar Truck Deck Workman Series, which features up to six lockable storage compartments, depending on bed length, and is constructed of durable aluminum diamond plate in varying thicknesses from light-duty .080″ to super-duty .1875″. Designed to fit the exact size and shape of the bed it is installed in, each of the Truck Deck’s weather-resistant compartments is secured with rotary T-handle latches and sealed with a neoprene rubber gasket.

Head & Block Resurfacer
Peterson Machine, Council Grover, Kan., is offering a new Head & Block Resurfacer, the RP1010. This machine will replace the RP900MVA. The new machine is the same base machine as the 900MVA, but it offers many new features, such as a longer table travel of 45.5″. This machine also offers an upgraded power column that utilizes a ball screw for increased durability and accuracy and has a variable speed spindle with LED RPM readout for simple and accurate speed adjustments, and the column utilizes a joystick control that allows operator ease for fast milling head up and down movements.

Tool Cribs
Lista International Corporation, Holliston, Mass., offers its tool cribs for use with various Lista storage solutions. When combined with Lista cabinets [stacked or unstacked] or the company’s Storage Wall® system, the tool cribs can become part of an integrated CNC parts storage and transport system to accommodate a wide array of tooling. Available in a variety of sizes and heights, these tool cribs can be configured to suit the users’ available space and items requiring storage. 

Magnetic Glove
TurnPro, San Antonio, Texas, now introduces the T-14, an innovative 5-finger lightweight glove designed to provide maximum dexterity. It features v-squeeze pockets with switchable target magnets in each index finger, synthetic padded leatherette palms and a hook and loop low-wrist comfortable closure with personal ID space. Like the original Magnetic Fingerâ„¢, the T-14 features the same powerful magnet in the index fingertips. The magnets allow you to hold and retrieve small metal objects.

Air Tool Duo
SK Hand Tool Corp., Chicago, expands its Pro-Gun Air Tool line with the introduction of the 1″ Drive Pro-Gun Impact Wrench featuring a standard anvil as well as the 3/4″ Drive Pro-Gun Impact Wrench featuring a 6″ extended anvil. The 1″ Drive Pro-Gun Impact Wrench (Product No. 92190-S) comes equipped with a standard anvil, side or top mounted handle for better operator control, and a four-speed forward/reverse selector. The 3/4″ Drive Pro-Gun Impact Wrench (Product No. 92141-6) features a 6″ extended anvil that is ideal for heavy-duty tire and wheel applications.

Flooring Protector
Dur-A-Flex, Hartford, Conn., announces its resurfacers that offer durable, attractive, abrasion- and skid-resistant qualities to flooring. Dur-A-Flex has flooring systems that resist tire marks and oil as well as gasoline, hydraulic and brake fluid and anti-freeze. The systems enhance lighting to show off automobiles in its best light while making car parts easier to locate. Plus, various degrees of slip resistance and texture add to safety. 

Fire Extinguisher Bracket
All-Star Performance, Watervliet, Mich., introduces the Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Bracket. The product is NHRA-approved for drag cars. It keeps extinguishers secure and allows quick access by pulling a pin. It mounts most 2-1/2 lb. extinguishers to flat panel or tubing with supplied 3/4″ wide stainless, t-bolt bands and nylon lock nuts.

Belt-Sanding Machine
FEIN Power Tools, Pittsburgh, Pa., launches a new range of belt-sanding machines for the metal-working industry: GRIT GI. This modular system reduces purchasing costs, maximizes sanding and reduces the number of steps. The product features a choice of either one or two speed settings, a “centerless” rotary grinder for tubes, an additional multi-bonding layer and an robust polyester backing for maximum service life, and more.

Sooper T-Square
Image One Impact, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., introduces the new Sooper T-Square option for the Sooper Edge and Big Blue Rulers. The aluminum construction with a bright anodized finish and laser etched markings makes your rulers more versatile.

Tube and Pipe Notcher
Baileigh Industrial, Manitowoc, Wis., announces the TN-300 tube and pipe notcher. Bench mounted and utilizing anoil filled gearbox with 1/2 hp 110v motor, the TN-300 industrial grade coping machine makes quick work of any tube or pipe notching task from 1/2″ to 3″ OD. A lever actuated taper lock vise adjusts from 0 to 60 degrees and incorporates rugged v-jaws for easy centering of round materials.

Dyno System
Stuska Dynamometer, Sussex, Wis., combines the proven Stuska water brake with its PowerPro data acquisition and control system, the TrackMaster LC. This software and data acquisition package combines a standard Windows-based PC with the technologically-advanced Sensor Interface Device (SID) to provide the ultimate is data acquisition and display.

Race Ramps
Brute Industries, Gladstone, Mich., introduce two new Race Ramp products: Two-Piece 56″ Race Ramps and Two-Piece 67″ Race Ramps. The products are strong yet lightweight and come in a convenient two-piece design. After the car is secure on the Race Ramps, the back ramp section can be removed to provide access from the side of the car.

Cooling System
Port-A-Cool LLC, Center, Texas, announces the new Port-A-Cool Cycloneâ„¢ 3000, which features a unique centrifugal air delivery system, eliminating the fan blade and reducing noise, but without sacrificing power. The unit measures just 38 inches high by 30 inches deep and 29 inches wide and weighs only 100 pounds, but produces a powerful 2400 CFM air delivery that cools approximately 700 square feet of unobstructed space. 

MidKnight Gloves
Microflex, Reno, Nev., has partnered with Huntington Beach Bodyworks’ Rich Evans to Promote MidKnight Gloves. Rich Evan’s will promote Microflex’s MidKnight black nitrile glove as necessary for workers’ safety and as a high-style accessory for people in the automotive industry. According to the EPA, “Nitrile gloves provide a barrier to paints and organic solvents, the chemicals that are some of the toughest on gloves…They protect well and are durable.”

Tru-Metric Design for Symmetric and Asymmetric Lifting
BendPak, Santa Paula, Calif., offers its XPR-10AC and XPR-10ACX models. They feature their Tru-Metric carriage and arm design which gives users the unique ability to load vehicles either symmetrically (centerline of vehicle at column) or asymmetrically (centerline of vehicle behind column). The lift features sixteen individual maintenance-free UHMW load bearings, single-piece columns, triple-telescoping arms and extra-tall lifting carriages that reduces column and carriage loading by as much as 30 percent. Oversize 5″ cable sheaves boosts performance still further and vastly increases the life expectancy of moving suspension components.

Chicago Pneumatic, Charlotte, N.C., offers its cordless tools, which feature a powerful cordless 1/2 inch impact wrench and a cordless 3/8 inch impact wrench with an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio. Each tool, engineered to provide strength, durability and ease of use, features molded rubber battery encasing, rubber over molded handles, one-hand forward/reverse toggles and feather touch triggers. The tools feature lithium ion battery packs with an easy connect battery system.

Automotive Escape Tools
Houdiniâ„¢, Wilsonville, Ore., announces the Houdini Automotive Escape Tool and the Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool. Made from high quality materials, the Houdini Automotive Escape Tool features a safety whistle and LED light in addition to a spring-loaded glass punch and a seatbelt cutter. Most products on the market have no light and no whistle. The whistle signals for help up to one-quarter mile away. The Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool, preferred by emergency rescuers, has a spring-loaded punch that lets you break tempered glass for a quick escape. Houdini Pro’s professional-quality seatbelt cutter slices the toughest seat belt and frees you even when you are upside down. Should you exit a heavily damaged vehicle and need to walk some distance in the dark, both Houdini products provide a 5-lumen lamp with 10 hoursof run time.

Pegboard for Tools
AlligatorBoard, Glendale Heights, Ill., introduces AlligatorBoard® Finish Line metal pegboard, a powder-coated set of 10 alternating black-and-white, 16-by-16 inch panels that form a checkered flag covering over 17 square feet of wall space. It is easy-to-install and compatible with standard pegboard hardware.

All-Purpose, Portable Boxes
GoBoxes, LLC, Birmingham, Ala., is proud to introduce the latest addition to their line of 27″ metal, all-purpose portable boxes. Rich Evans has created unique designs for the oval shaped boxes, which display his Huntington Beach Bodyworks’ (logo) shield and also his flame and skull designs. With a black powder-coated finish, high-gloss decals, heavy-duty latches and hinges as well as a comfort grip handle, this is a great storage box for your car detail supplies. These boxes are sure to be collector items.