Now’s the Time

Feb 23, 2012

We’ve needed new carpet in our house for about five years now. But the thought of all that we’d have to do to get ready for the installation was enough to have us postpone it again and again.

This year, after all the procrastination, we finally pulled the trigger. And during the holidays, no less.

The hassle of getting ready was just as bad as we’d feared. Picking up 15 years’ worth of stuff off the floor and moving it to the basement or the garage isn’t exactly a picnic.

But, as you might have guessed, now that it’s finished, the effort was totally worth it. The carpet looks great, and we accomplished some serious cleaning and reorganizing along the way.

The house is filled with a fresh, modern energy, and the feeling of accomplishment was an unexpected bonus. Now we wish we’d done it much sooner.

Each March is our annual Buyers’ Guide issue of Performance Business magazine, and when you get it in your mail or email box, it’s suddenly your turn to decide if now is finally the time to forge ahead with grand business plans you may have been putting off for one reason or another.

To stay competitive, shops are continually growing and changing. That can mean adding product lines, new services, or simply streamlining and redirecting your organization.

The Buyers’ Guide listings can help you do all of those things, aiding in your search for new products and manufacturers. It’s readily apparent why this is our biggest and most popular issue of the year.

Collecting information for the printed version of the Guide also means that this is when the majority of updates to the always-open Online Directory are made as well. Use the Products & Suppliers link at the top of the page to access it 24/7, year-round, and get started on your own renovation project.

It took about a week of prep time to get ready for the carpet, and even after the first couple of days when it didn’t look like we were making much headway on the surface, there was an underlying feeling that a major change was happening for the better.

Working to add a new product or service to your mix-even if it’s only a minor change the helps a handful of customers-will give you that same satisfaction. And you won’t even have to take your shoes off.