New Temporary PPF Product Benefits Vehicle Transit

Jun 2, 2014


XPEL has expanded its product line with the addition of TRACWRAP, a temporary paint protection film designed to prevent rock chips and other paint damage. Unlike traditional paint protection film, TRACWRAP can be easily self-installed for temporary use, according to the company.

Designed initially to protect vehicles at racetracks, TRACWRAP also answers a need for short-term paint protection for vehicles, motorcycles or RVs during road trips, vehicle delivery or long-distance service, according to XPEL. TRACWRAP is an 8mil thick urethane film, which provides robust protection for automotive paint, unlike other extremely thin protection films on the market.

For extra protection, TRACWRAP can be used in addition to traditional paint protection films, such as XPEL’s ULTIMATE or STEALTH paint protection films.

“Temporary paint protection has long been popular with those who truly care about their cars,” said Ryan Pape, CEO of XPEL. “We felt we could provide a higher-quality, easier-to-use alternative to the commonly used masking tape and spray-on products.”