New Product Spotlight: Xtralock Seat Theft Protection

Apr 9, 2013

Xtralock, a company based in Folsom, Calif., is promoting its solution for third-row seat theft, which was outlined as a recent trend by ABC News.

Instead of driving off in SUVs, thieves are stealing the third row of seats from vehicles for up a $1,000 profit. Thieves can steal the seats in less than a minute and resell them to salvage yards or online, ABC News reported.

Police say so-called “third seat theft” is on the rise, particularly in Texas and California, but aftermarket locking systems for removable third-row seats are ideal investments because replacements can cost up to $4,000, the news report noted.

Constructed with three durable metal components, Xtralock is an aftermarket locking system that is easy for SUV owners to install, but impossible for thieves to remove without damaging the seats. The lock cannot be removed with a wire cutter or wrench because the locking system has no shackle.

Additionally, car dealers and rental car agencies can use Xtralock to protect vehicles with third-row seating on their lots.

“Prior to Xtralock, rental agencies were actually removing the seats altogether and storing them on-site to avoid break-ins and theft,” said Michael Deffina, president of Xtralock. “This made the checkout and return process lengthy for customers who requested the seats. Xtralock enables the agency to keep the third-row seats installed. Customers who wish to remove the seats can do so with ease.”

The locking system currently works on the following 2007-2013 General Motors vehicles: Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon and XL, GMC Yukon Denali and XL, Cadillac Escalade and ESV.

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