New Product Spotlight: Micro-Generator Powered Wheel Lights

May 28, 2013

Marathon, Fla.-based Intelligent Power & Light has developed a new micro-sized generator that fits into the center bore of wheels. The micro-generator stores energy in a capacitor or battery that can power wheel lights with the press of a button.

The generator can power GloRyder Wheel Lights, a product that lights up wheels aesthetic for safety purposes, with a remote control. The device generates power when the vehicle wheels are turning and is independent from the vehicle’s electrical system. The power generated is captured and stored in a rechargeable capacitor or battery for use when the wheel is not in motion, according to Intelligent Power & Light.

The generator, which is about the size of a bottle cap, can operate when the vehicle is parked or in motion. It is an independent power source that even works if the car battery fails. The “gateway device” gives developers the opportunity to cultivate other aftermarket applications that can be powered by the generator, according Kurt Bartels, co-owner of Intelligent Power & Light.

The micro generator may soon be developed to monitor and communicate with the vehicle or outside devices through a wireless signal for applications such as tire pressure monitoring and GPS tracking, according to the company.

Intelligent Power & Light Power plans to roll out a new remote-controlled, self-generating wheel light using the micro generator by the end of this year. The company will begin taking pre-orders for the product at the end of July or early August, Bartels noted.

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