New Product Spotlight: Bestop’s Wi-Fi PowerBoard

Feb 15, 2013

Broomfield, Colo.-based Bestop’s new PowerBoard NX features patent-pending Wi-Fi component technology, which the company says allows the automatic running board to be installed in less time because no cutting, splicing or tapping into the OEM wiring harness is required.

“Modern truck wiring is not only massively complicated, it’s constantly changing” said George Stickles, Bestop’s aftermarket head of engineering, in a company press release. “The PowerBoard NX just ignores all the truck wiring. So there’s no conflict with other aftermarket things like alarms or remote starters. [The automatic step] eliminates issues where the factory just used a different color wire the day they made your truck.”

The running board’s Wi-Fi system components include door sensors that affix to each door pillar without drilling, plus a receiving unit solidly attached to the frame beneath the truck. Instead of relying on the factory “door open” wires, the sensors use a magnetic trip.

As soon as the door opens, the battery-equipped sensor sends a signal to the receiver, triggering the step unit to instantly extend into position. When the door is closed, PowerBoard NX automatically retracts after a 5-second delay.

In addition to it being easier to install, the company notes that the PowerBoard NX will have all the features of other Bestop PowerBoards, such as a load capacity of 600 lbs. per side and a matte-black powder coating for foot surface grip in all conditions.