New Product: La Paz Series Wheel Loses Weight

Aug 23, 2013

Drill to the nucleus of Pro Comp USA’s business and you’ll find the new La Paz Series 29 alloy wheel.

“The La Paz wheel goes toward the very core of what Pro Comp is as a company- we make products specifically geared for offroad enthusiasts,” said Eric Greiving, brand manager for Pro Comp wheels. “The La Paz wheel is our signature offroad wheel.

“Primarily you’re going to see these wheels on Jeeps and Prerunner-style Tacomas,” he added. “We also went out of our way to make sure this wheel fits the Ford Raptor. It’ll fit stock right on a Ford Raptor, which already has all the suspension work done to it, so it would be an OEM replacement wheel.”

The newest La Paz Series entry is available in 16- and 17-inch sizes, with a 15-inch model set to release in November. Three available styles include satin black finish, satin black with machined finish, and machined finish.

“It has true beadlock styling to it, although it’s not a beadlock wheel,” Greiving said. “We try to make it look as authentic as possible, down to the metal bolts, and spoke design. It’s definitely a sturdy looking wheel.”

The new wheel was engineered 2-pounds lighter than the previous series model (La Paz Series 28), according to Greiving.

“This does several things: it brings the cost down to the end user and it also obviously helps on gas mileage,” he said. “It also improves ride quality. Even though they’re not beadlock wheels for racing, they still help drive a little faster and save some wear and tear on the vehicle.”

Design is a vital element to Pro Comp’s products, but Greiving said the market always will dictate what’s considered cool.

“I know a lot of the complaints about the OE wheels that come on these newer trucks is that the style is just not there,” he said. “In the offroad market specifically, they don’t want something that’s so flashy. They want something that provides function but at the same time, it has enough style that it can be eye catching.

“We don’t want to do something too over the top,” Greiving added, “but at the same time, we do want someone to look at it and say, ‘wow, that’s a badass looking wheel.'”

La Paz Series 29 eventually will include another style option that’s currently trending in the market, he said.

“If you’re watching Global Rally Cross, or if you watch those Lucas Oil events, they’re color matching the wheels and that’s something you’re seeing on the street now with the flashier colored wheels,” Greiving said.

“That’s definitely where the (market) is going and that’s something we’re going to be doing with the La Paz wheel.”

Pro Comp also will soon introduce a beadlock version of the Series 29 wheel, which is what Greg Adler already uses on his Pro 2 and Pro 4 Unlimited trucks racing in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

The La Paz Series 29 wheel can be ordered through most major automotive distributors. The company will display the wheel and several other new designs at its trade show booth at November’s SEMA Show.

“That’s actually going to be one of our bigger launches ever as far as new styles,” Greiving said. “New tire designs will be there as well.”

For more information on the La Paz Series, contact Pro Comp USA at 800-776-0767 or