New Hitch Company’s Market Research Reveals Surprise

Apr 2, 2014

For manufacturers, retailers and distributors of truck accessories, we tend to imagine the perfect customer as that 40-something-year-old man who is willing to pay for all the bells and whistles on his 2014 specialty vehicle. As Montana Hitch began our product launch, we designed our marketing efforts to target this consumer-a man in his 40s who owns a boat, tows frequently, has a new truck and is willing to pay for premium features.

While attending trade shows to launch our new product-a hitch that folds flush under the vehicle with the push of a button-something interesting happened when we finally got face to face with potential customers. The men who fit our target demographic did love it, but we didn’t expect so much enthusiasm from women!

Sure, we all know that plenty of women own and drive trucks, but we may not typically think of them as our main target. Some women we spoke to were truck owners themselves, but we lost track of how many wives were dragging husbands over to check out our product and buy it now because they are tired of banging their shins.

In talking with hundreds of potential customers face to face, we found out that many of the men were interested in buying accessories like ours, but were content to wait until the purchase of their next vehicle “next month,” or even “next year.”  Their wives, on the other hand, were pushing them to purchase an upgraded convenience product as soon as possible. The women saw no reason to wait when presented with a product that would solve a problem and make life easier.

When it comes to selling truck accessories and your marketing approach, have you underestimated the female perspective? Since it could very well result in more immediate sales, it’s definitely worth thinking about.