New Google Service Lets Customers See Inside Your Business

May 10, 2011

Google Inc., the world’s largest Internet-search company, has introduced a feature that builds on its mapping services by letting users see what a business looks like from the inside, Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting.

The feature, available this week, will be part of Google’s Places service for local businesses and will let owners showcase 360-degree views of their shops’ interiors. Google will take photos of the interior of a store, hotel, restaurant or other business and share them with customers who are looking up that business using Google Search and Google Places, according to a story posted on

The photos will be shot by Google photographers who will use fisheye and wide-angle camera lenses to capture all angles of the business’ interior. The photos will then be able to be viewed from Google Maps using its Street View option. Google will capture the images only with a business owner’s permission, a Google executive told Bloomberg Businessweek.