New Books Released for Muscle Car Builders

May 24, 2010

Motorbooks has released a new book that is designed to help shops build the ultimate, multi-purpose muscle car. How to Build a Killer Street Machine by Jefferson Bryant provides step-by-step information on how to modify a car for improved performance on the street, drag strip or road course.

Major topics covered include making smart engine modifications that build power, upgrading the brake system to modern standards, installing power-adders and selecting the correct size of wheels and tires.

The book puts great emphasis on how important it is to consider the function of each component, as well as how it will impact the other component choices you have made.

The paperback book contains 192 pages, with nearly 400 color photos.

Also new from Motorbooks is the Collector’s Originality Guide Challenger and Barracuda 1970-1974. The book, which is written by The Auto Review Publisher Jim Schild, contains information such as correct parts, finishes, options and trim pieces for all of the “E” body Dodge Challengers and Plymouth Barracudas, built from 1970-1974.

Other topics covered in the 128-page book include how to interpret factory identification plates, broadcast sheets and other signature markings, as well as how to tell which parts are correct and which are not.

The book contains 233 color photos of original vehicles, as well as very accurate restorations.

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