Multiple Chassis & Suspension Seminars to Be Offered at 2011 HRR Trade Show

Jan 27, 2011

Five new seminars that focus on chassis and suspension will take place during the Education & Training Day at the upcoming Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show. Attendees looking to learn more about new chassis and suspension products and technologies will have the opportunity to attend the seminars, which are put on by the industry’s leading aftermarket chassis and suspension companies.

The first of these seminars will take place during the first session at 8 a.m. Fatman Fabrication will explore the basics of building and designing suspension. The seminar will focus on achieving proper geometry. Common suspension questions will also be answered.

The second session at 9:15 a.m. will feature the popular “Ask the Spring Guru” seminar by Eaton Detroit Spring. An expert will be answering questions from the audience about steel spring suspensions.

During the third session at 10:30 a.m., suspension specialists from RideTech will host a seminar that will explain the company’s new product lines. Experts will be on-hand to explain the technical aspects and benefits of these new products.

The fourth session, which takes place at 12:30 p.m., will feature a seminar put on by Art Morrison Enterprises. The seminar will include a discussion about hot rod and muscle car chassis and suspensions, and will offer tips for making the design process easier to understand.

Detroit Speed will present a seminar during the sixth session at 3 p.m. entitled “True Suspension Techniques That Work.” The seminar will provide tips on how to make a classic car ride and handle like a late-model performance car. Design and development techniques will also be discussed. The Education & Training Day will take place on Thursday, March 17 at the 2011 HRR Trade Show in Indianapolis. To see a complete list of all of the seminars taking place that day, click here.