The Mobile Electronics Market

Apr 4, 2011

The mobile electronics market encompasses GPS and navigational systems, in-vehicle Wi-Fi telematics, remote start/entry systems, communication systems and in-vehicle entertainment systems.

As prices have declined and demand has increased, auto manufacturers have added more fully integrated electronic content:

  • Dashboard touch screen to control radio, climate and GPS systems
  • Mobile theater
  • Bluetooth
  • Ford SYNC system voice commands
  • Ford’s Fiesta “Twitter” car
  • GM expanded OnStar system
  • Internet radio

New generation of mobile electronic products combine multiple functions into one fully integrated unit:

  • Radio
  • Touch-screen navigation
  • CD/DVD player
  • iPod command and control
  • Hands-free phone
  • Phone apps continue to proliferate

Potential for restyling shops is in the upgrade market.

  • Accessory shops are well positioned to offer sales and installation of vehicle electronic systems.
  • Advanced systems require professional installation, which accessory shops have the tools and expertise to provide.

Mobile electronics market demographics:

  • GPS is popular with all ages
  • Internet access and voice activated commands appeal more to the under-25 age group
  • Older people are less interested in other electronic features.
  • Bluetooth nearly sells itself because of convenience, productivity, safety

Demand for Bluetooth integration between transportation, communication and entertainment is growing.

  • Spans demographic lines
  • Appeals more to nontraditional restyling customers because of the safety, value and convenience factor
  • Women are more interested in Bluetooth systems than men

Resistance and controversy exist in some groups regarding integration of social media into vehicles. The challenge is to provide them in such a way that they are user-friendly and safe to use.

Electronic gadgetry being used by people today may become necessities in the auto of the future. The challenge will be safety and security.